Bill Condon: Highlights From A Diverse Career

Bill-CondonsoloSo now that Bill Condon has been announced as the director of Breaking Dawn, everyone wants to know just who is he? Given the previous three directors here’s where he stacks up just on statistics:

He’s the same age as Catherine Hardwicke, but has directed the same number of  films as Catherine, Chris Weitz, and David Slade combined.

Like Chris Weitz, he is both a writer and a director. Also like Chris, he was nominated for an Oscar based on his writing.  Bill was nominated an Academy Award for Adapted Screenplay for CHICAGO and he won the Academy Award for Adapted Screenplay for GODS AND MONSTERS.

– Hollywood’s best and brightest (and also most difficult) have worked with Bill Condon such as Oscar nominees and winners: Ian McKellen, Liam Neeson, Brendon Fraser, Laura Linney, Tim Hutton, John Lithgow, Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Hudson.

– Like David Slade he’s done the horror thing by directing one of the Clive Barker Candyman series.

-Like Chris Weitz and Catherine Hardwicke, he respects adaptation from the originating source material, and doesn’t want to lose site of the popular work that everyone fell in love with. (See the interview with Charlie Rose below.)

-Like Catherine he thrives on character driven/relationships like Dreamgirls, Gods and Monsters, and Kinsey (Check out Bill talking about Dreamgirls in the video below.)

Now here’s the next item which people should be asking: who do you think he’ll want to be in the Breaking Dawn Cast who he’s worked with before? Hollywood, aside from talent, is all about connections, reputation, and previous experience. There are a lot of new vampires in Breaking Dawn, and we fully expect a lot of them to be cut or combined like the way Anna Kendrick’s Jessica is a combination of the book’s Jessica and Lauren. On the other hand, some are uncuttable due to basic plot. What leaps to mind right away is the Denali Coven in particular Irina, because without Irina going to the Volturi there’s no back end of the story.

So…who appears to be  twenty-thirty something, is an UBER Twilight fan, fits the age range, and has worked with Bill Condon before. There’s one name that instantly jumps up. The first person to come up with the answer that we are thinking of in our comments gets the autographed photo of their choice from our collection.


  1. Julianne Nicholson would be my guess 🙂

  2. Jennifer Hudson?

  3. RaeLyn Schenk says

    Jennifer Love Hewitt

    • Twilight_News says

      Jennifer Love Hewett is correct. Email us at and you get to pick a photo of a wolfpack member (not Taylor, Peter Fachinelli, Gil Birmingham, Mike Welch, Justin Chon, Charlie Bewley, Dan Cudmore, or Chris Hyerdahl

  4. Jennifer Love Hewitt

  5. I would say Jennifer Hudson.

  6. Jennifer Love Hewitt

  7. Scarlett Johansson

  8. i think sienna miller!

  9. Gwenyth Paltrwo or Uma THurman

  10. Uma Thurman

  11. Evan Rachel Wood

  12. Hmmm, On second thought Jennifer Hudson or Beyonce would be a great Irina, too…

  13. Jennifer Love Hewitt

  14. Beyonce Knowles

  15. I think Beyonce’. Not sure if she’s a Twilight fan, but that’s who I picture.

  16. I think it would be great if JLH joined the cast in BD, but I don’t picture her as Irina… I think she is the best guess to the question above though. : )

  17. He also knows Jessica Biel and Sienna Miller. They would be much better than JLH as Irina!
    It would be awesome to see Tim Curry in BD (he was in Kinsey)!!!

  18. Jennifer L H is the worst actress to ever exist. Definantly NOT her PLEASE. Let me think of this one.
    and also..when do they start directing B.D is what i want to know!

  19. LISA BONET AS ONE OF THE AMAZON VAMPIRES!!! SHE USED TO BE MARRIED TO LEENY KRAVITZ!she was on the Cosby a guys remember? she is beautiful and would be PERFECT!

  20. Who do you guys want to for Tanya???????!!!!!!!

  21. While I would boycott the movie if Scarlett Johannsen was in it (we need acting talent, not a big rack) I remember that Ben Burns really wanted the part of Aro. He is gorgeous and I think he would be great for Garrett!

  22. Jennifer Love Hewitt

  23. Humm, considering that Irina is of russian (?) decendency it should not be JLH who doesn’t look the part, much less Jennifer Hudson or Beyonce. How about Oliva Wilde, from House? She would have perfect as Rosalie…Now as for Lisa Bonnet as one of the Amazons…let’s bear in mind that they’re supposed to be huge in stature…gotta think a bit more about that one – LOL.

  24. Keeping up with the pretend casting: how about Sofia Vergara as Carmen? Eleazar could be Rodrigo Santoro (he’s in I Love You Philip Morris). I don’t know, just throwing some names out there…

  25. Jennifer Hudson… I don’t like her… And they can’t combine characters for the last one… Especially Garret! I love him!!!!

  26. I don’t like Jennifer Love Hewitt for any Twilight movie. A perky vampire….don’t see it. I haven’t seen any of his movies so I have no idea what to expect. I hope the powers that be know what they are doing because Breaking Dawn is a huge undertaking.

  27. I also think that they shouldn’t combine the really important characters like Irina or Garrett. Actually they shouldn’t get rid of anyone. However, i am realistic and i know they probably will. I also don’t want them messing with Stefan and Vladimir. I’m just wondering how the heck they are going to introduce the Denali’s? From book one we’ve known about them so how will they come up with everything for Irina’s revenge? *Sigh* Hmm…maybe they’ll mention them in eclipse? I also wouldn’t mind Jennifer Love Hewitt being in it. I really like her.

  28. Along time ago in a blog I read a suggestion for Garrett and have yet to think of anyone that would be better. So my vote is for Ryan Reynolds for Garrett.

    • OMG!!! LOVE IT! I would never have thought of him as Garrett before, but now that you mention it, I think he would be PERFECT!!!!

      • When reading Breaking Dawn a long time ago…Ryan Reynolds was EXACTLY who I pictured as Garrett! Crazy! :)) Back then, he wasn’t as “buff” but his personality was RIGHT ON! And now, that RR is “buffed” up, he’s even better for the part!! And, how ’bout this? Let’s make it an all couples event (other than Robsten 😉 and have Scarlett Johannson play Tanya! Strawberry blonde? She’s PERFECT!

        • I can totally see Scarlet as Tanya. The way she looks in the Iron Man movie with the strawberry blondish hair would be the perfect look.

    • I also can picture Sam Worthington as Garrett

  29. Laura Linney

  30. I don’t think it should b anyone we have heard of I think they should stick with new comers for all the characters!!!

  31. Could the answer be Terri Hatcher?

  32. For Garrett I thought of Sam Worthington, but Ryan Reynolds is a good option too. And thinking about blond that worked for Summit Entertainment and look young and beautiful I think that Amanda the girl of Letters of Juliet and Mama Mia would be great as one of the Denali’s

    • I agree with you completely! I pictured Amanda Seyfried as Irina when I read Breaking Dawn. She would be perfect!

  33. Renee Zellwegger although I can’t see her as a vampire.

  34. i would love to see Jennifer Love Hewitt play a vampire. she would be so sexy with red eyes lol i love her in ghost whisperer. i dont think Jennifer Hudson would be right in this kind of movie to be honest but i may be surprised! i cant wait!!!

  35. I agree with heather, defiantly ryan Reynolds for garret and I like Scarlet as Tonya. She is supposed to be a succubus so…. Major sex apeal works in her favor.

  36. I wanna say Emma Roberts

  37. I don’t think Jennifer Love Hewitt would be a very good Irina. Her show Ghost Whisperer is so stupid and she is pretty much a joke. They keep shoving her in our face and she is a terrible actress and not that pretty.

  38. I think either Charlize Theron or Nicole Kidman would be perfect. JLH too low rent!

  39. blackbella says

    i may be reading this wrong and it could just be me but everywhere i read no one seems to think that black people, african americans or whateve ppl want to call us these days, would make great characters for these films, even though half the vampires i pictured in breaking dawn seemed black. maybe im reading it wrong but i remember o one site they came up with a black cast for twilight as a joke, to me that shows that ppl arent thinking out the box as far as the actor suggestions..

    how bout zoe saldana as one of the amazons, she’s tall and sort of buff and was amazing in avatar, i think she would be perfect

  40. I agree with lauren stick to new or hardly noticable faces keeps it real for me in a twilight way

  41. What is this April Fools Day? Some of the actors and actresses you guys are mentioning would not take a role in the Twilight movie no matter how much you pay them. Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Hudson are all Academy Award winning actresses who would not sully their reputations by being in the Twilight movie. It would be beneath them to have to work with Rob, Kristen, and Taylor.

  42. i love all Eddie Murphy movies. i like also the movie DAVE where he co stars with Elizabeth Banks..*;

  43. Eddie Murphy is the best comedian that i have known, he is a really funny guy.,:*

  44. you can say that eddie murphy is the best comedian of all times-`-

  45. Julie Green would be perfect for the role of Irina!!!

  46. I think Miller Wentworth / Channing Tatum will be perfect as Garrett


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