Poll: Which Newly Announced Breaking Dawn Actor Are You Most Excited About?

Laura has been chanting Stuckey (Noel Fisher of Law and Order fame is Vladamir) and seriously drooling over Joe Anderson


  1. I picked Lee because he’s a PHENOMENAL actor and fully deserving of this part. Are you going to do an ‘actresses’ poll as well…because I think that’s be cool!

  2. Joe Anderson was Max in Across the Universe… i think that he can pull off the neuroses necessary for Alistair

  3. Well considering I only know Rami Malek as Benjamin that’s who I am excited to see.

    It’s awesome that the have all these characters in the movie. Was a little worried they might not all be.

  4. Who’s with me for TEAM GARRETT!?!?!

  5. I am really excited about Zafrina and Senna! I loved their relationship with Bella and Renesmee in the book! And the fact that they cast African American actresses is so awesome!

  6. Team Stuckey!

    • Rachel Faith says

      It was a difficult toss up between Lee and Stuckey–excuse me, Noel. xD But…I loved Noel’s character in Law and Order: SVU so much I picked him. ;D

  7. alwaysedward says

    just looked at all the pics – not so sure about the vladimer casting – the actor looks too young and not romanian enough.

  8. Twilight Nymph says

    I voted for Joe Anderson, I loved him in Across the Universe, he can definitely pull it off.

  9. I went with Lee Pace as Garett as I’m really looking forward to seeing his speech challenging the Volturi.So far all the casting choices have been great, Summit has done their home-work well.

  10. I absolutely love Lee Pace, I think he’s perfect for the role. Lee is very charismatic and he can do the playful thing that is needed with the character. Looking forward to BD part 2! 🙂

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