Hollywood Crush: Supporting Breaking Dawn Actors, Their Guess

After yesterday’s announcement of supporting actors, everyone has been wondering who exactly was playing who. They could in fact be characters in the book that are smaller like Gustavo or J. Jenks.  On the other hand, they could be movie creations like Cora, the waitress from Twilight, the vampire who gets his head ripped off by Felix and Demetri in New Moon, or Mr. and Mrs. Biers (Riley’s parents) in Eclipse.

We had a lot of questions yesterday on what is supporting vs. an extra. Sometimes it’s a tough distinction because a supporting players role can range from one word to a couple of small scenes.  Supporting players are different than extras in that they actually have lines of dialogue that are easily identifiable as theirs alone, not just crowd noise and/or they have a featured moment that sets them out from the crowd.  So, nameless people in red capes in Volterra are extras vs. kid in cape who sees Edward is supporting.  Various Quileuetes running in terror at the Cold-Ones flashback are extras, vs. The Third-Wife supporting.

Hollywood Crush has their guesses. Some we like, like the one for J. Jenks others we just aren’t sure.

“Take for instance Ty Olsson (pictured). The 36-year-old actor best known for his work in “2012” and “X2” is a dead ringer for the balding, middle-aged attorney James Jenks that Bella deals with several times over the course of “Breaking Dawn.” He has a fairly important part in the story, so it makes a lot of sense that an established actor would be cast in the role instead of a newcomer, like some of the new vampires were.”

Check out the rest of the guesses on MTV. Do you agree?


  1. Don’t see Ty Olsson as J Jenks at all. I thought he was supposed to be a short overweight balding man and that guy isn’t. Don’t see Amadou Ly as Nahuel either, I thought he would be dark but not quite that dark, besides he looks African, not South American ( for reference look at Anderson Silva of the UFC, that’s the dark I am speaking of).
    I think Jenna or Olga could play the girl in the park that Jacob speaks to.

  2. I think Olsson makes a perfect Jenks, my I don’t see Ly as Nahuel. I never pictured him as African, more of a darker hispanic. Hmm.

  3. The indigenous people from South America, the Mapuches, have special features. The casting people from Summit, should take that in mind. If not, the movie is going to have a obvious failure, that can jepardize the credibility of the story. Specially, for South America Fans and indigenous comunities around the world, that are pleny aware of the physical caracteristics of their members. Can you imagine a casting error related, for example, with Jacob´s community? If Summit could not afford a mistake in regard with the indigenous communities in North America, should not do so, with the communities in South America. Specially because Nahuel, is by far a very important caracter. He close in fact, the story.

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