New Moon Shoots At Local Pool

Both Vancity Allie and Twilight Gossip have coverage of a one-day shoot at a local pool. The assumption is that they used it to film part of the cliff diving scene given the looming presence of green screens that are the size of a small apartment building.

They would then put in the footage they shot almost a month ago of the British Columbia coastline ( reported as South Beach, located near Wickaninnish Beach inside Pacific Rim National Park Reserve and Incinerator Rock at Long Beach) post-production. Both Kristen and Taylor were on the site. There was no reported sign of other members of the wolf pack.

Taylor and Kristen missed attending anything associated with the DVD release because they were off filming the beach portion of the cliff diving scene during some really awful weather.

We really hope they heated the water for Taylor Lautner who came out, wet hair and all, to sign fan autographs.