Vancity Allie Meets the Entire New Moon Cast

The Vancity Allie blogger waited for hours in the dead of night outside of the area where the birthday scene was being filmed. After a long cold night of only seeing crew trucks and distant lights there persistence paid off. The cast asked their driver to stop their car and they went over to Allie’s group.

“And believe it or not… Peter Facinelli (Carlisle), Kristen Stewart (Bella), and Nikki Reed (Rosalie) in full hair and make up got out of the van! Peter said, “We just have to get out and give you girls hugs for waiting all this time!” Hugs all around. Kristen asked Amy how long we’d been there, and Amy said “10 minutes” at first and then eventually told her the truth. Nikki was just beaming… she looked great and her new wig looked amazing.”

We just want to say hat’s off to Vancity Allie for some great reporting while being respectful of the cast and crew.


  1. Aww! That’s awesome! Great photo!

  2. allisonlovesedward says:

    what’s going on with the web site? i clicked on the vancity allie link and it said “This Account Has Exceeded Its CPU Quota”. i just want a better look at that picture! grr…

  3. Sugary Giggles says:

    allisonlovesedward: Wow, I had just clicked it 30 seconds before you posted and it was fine. I think it just means too many people accessed it at once. I’m sure it’ll be up again in no more than 24 hours.

    Those are some nice pictures, though. Kristen looks… odd in a bathrobe, I wonder why she wasn’t wearing a coat like the rest?

  4. aww they’re so great! i love the other pics that have jackson and rob =D jackson is looking awkwardly adorable as always, and rob is simply stunning <333

  5. Nezzi Loves Lautner says:

    Wow, great job girls! i probably would have waited for hours too… but only if taylor was there!! Awesome!!!

  6. Wonderful pictures! I’m especially [pleasantly ;)] surprised by Jackson!! I love “Jasper’s” new look. Everyone looks gorgeous; Chris is doing a phenomenal job with the project. Our baby is in good hands hahahahahahaha =)

  7. shortstuff says:

    boo.. im getting the error page too! lol too many lexiconers hitting her site i think..!


    and god damn the wardrobe for new moon is superb!
    i love the blazer look on rob

  9. i dont mean to be rude or anything, but does this picture look a tad bit photoshopped to anybody?

    • Julie M. says:

      I was thinking the same thing, especially with Peter.

    • ScarletRubie says:

      first thing i thought when i saw this picture was “good photo shopping.” Peter most of all looks so white and so like…not a hair out of place perfect that it looks unreal. Even Kristen looks sharper than the people in the picture, sure it may be due to the fact that she’s in costume but this picture IS odd.

  10. i love you guys

  11. i love you guys just forget al of the other ppl

  12. love ya

  13. Rockin'It says:

    I love the photos of Jackson! Jasper’s new look is VERY southern, and VERY sexy!!! SO CUTE!!!!

  14. thanks for the pics….that was nice of them!

  15. Uhm, they look so fake. I think they photoshopped them, or else the vamps look more fake than beforeee!

  16. Are you guys high? Its not photo-shopped. Obviously you guys don’t know much about manipulations plus itd make no sense to be photo-shopped.

  17. whoa i so agree with you guys. The faces are blurry and don’t fit as well as the outfits. The posture and the hair looks real but the photo was definitly edited together. You would never see kristen wearing a robe and when was the last time Niki was seen sporting one of the heavy arse coats?? Never, think about it have any of the cast ever walked straight off set and taken pics in full hair and makeup? They have gone thru too much to keep as much from us as possible, these photos are redick.

    • If you read the post there is an expination about the robe and the coat. And they did not ‘walk straight off set and take pics in full hair and makeup’

  18. okay so the photo is still off in my opinion, but if you go to, theres a video and they actually did look like that down to the coat, robe, unnaturally colored hair and wig.

    • Maybe it’s just Allie’s camera?? I don’t think they’re altered. They [actors] probably looked different in person (Allie commented on the pics herself saying: “Personally I think the new wig looks great! Jackson looks SO much better than in the first movie! And trust me, they all look INCREDIBLE in person. The photos don’t nearly do them enough justice.”) and I’m sure everything will look different in theaters with professional people editing; making things clean and clear. We just need to beg for official pics hahahaha!

  19. ScarletRubie says:

    i saw the rest of the pictures and i’m sure the new budget allowed for a make-up upgrade because it looks so real, like straight out of the book real! Jackson looks so amazing, i’m blown away by how amazing he looks, his eyes, and his hair is now greatness. I love one of his smiles in a picture, he’s so cute! I so think it’s going to be SO MUCH better than the first, the costume/make-up already is.

  20. Is it possible that they were filming the sequence were Kristen Stewart as Bella asks to be changed? I noticed she is wearing a robe, and not the type of clothing you would normally wear for a birthday party.

  21. Wow unless kristen has the body of a slightly overweight 40 year old in a robe, and their faces normaly look blurry and like they were TAKEN FROM ANOTHER PHOTO then yeah I’m guessing these were photo-shopped (as if that wasn’t extremly obivous)Not to mention the total bullshit story were they (because they totally have nothing better to do)are overjoyed to go to the staulkers err “fans” and hug and take pics with them yeah thats soo like kristen…

  22. Catherine says:

    disregarding the previous comments about photoshopping and whatnot, does anyone think Peter looks rather traditional vampire in this photo? Like the shape of his hair and he’s kind of got a high collar? lol

    • Lol, come to think of it, you’re right! His hair is slicked back and everything, like in those older movie versions of Dracula. Except that instead of stereotypical “vampire black,” it’s all very light-colored…

      Which is kind of appropriate for Carlisle when you think about it! 🙂 Anyway, just wanted to say I agree, but I’m definitely not complaining. 😉

  23. Stephanie says:

    Jackson has sideburns :] He looks like a real southern gentleman this time around. The hair is definitely a million times better.

  24. I was just over at TwiCrack Addict’s website, and there is a short video of them getting out of the car to see these girls. So, I don’t know. KStew does ask how long they’ve been there. She’s probably wearing the robe to cover up her outfit she has on.

  25. Hmmm. I have a bad feeling about this photo. Why are they keeping the female characters clothing under wraps but not the guys? Does this mean they are following in the Hollywood tradition of selling out female characters to the fashion industry. That’s what it tells me and “I don’t like it”. As I remember the Bella birthday party was spur of the moment and very casual. If they lose the spirit and energy of the first movie by schlockizing with product placements and conforming their female characters to fashion specs I’m not going.

    • Julie M. says:

      I’m confused by your fashion comment. So, just becuase of what they might be wearing, you won’t see the movie? I don’t get it. The “vote” was spur of the moment, the birthday party was planned by Alice. We don’t even know what scene they were filming exactly. Who knows why Kristen and Nikki were covered up and the guys weren’t. It probably isn’t a big deal and means nothing.

    • Yeah the birhday party was planned so maybe that’s what they’re dressed up for. No worries I think Chris knows what he’s doing!! =)

  26. When I first saw the pics I thought I was seeing the actors “stunt double” for the movie..but I looked again and it must be the real actors looking perfect and beautiful as ever. Thanks for sharing them.

  27. Late comment, but I just have to say… The Cullens look absolutely stunning this time around! They also look a little more like the descriptions of the characters, which is an added bonus (like Alice’s hair is darker, etc).

    Looks like they really meant what they said about polishing up the whole vampire look! Awesome job on Chris Weitz’s part, and on the part of everyone in the hair/makeup/wardrobe department. Can’t wait to see it on film! 🙂

  28. Yeah, looks photo shopped to me too.

  29. JessakaMitz says:

    At first I thought that Peter was a giant cardboard cut out…I really think he was photoshopped. I’m not sure, but the rest of it looks okay.

  30. No one compares to Jasper Cullen! Especially when he makes that face right when he meets Bella and he’s trying not to eat her. His face is so adorable!

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