Vancity Allie: It’s Graduation Day!

We knew that one of the first things that they were going to film for Eclipse was the school scenes. Producer Wyck Godfrey told us “NEVER AGAIN” would they film while school was in session because it was really problematic.

They had everything from people unexpectedly in the halls screaming when they saw Rob ( I mean wouldn’t you ask for a hall pass if Robert Pattinson was in your building filming?) to the student body looking through window from a courtyard so that the actors had a hard time concentrating because of everyone’s faces pushed into the glass.  So, it should come as no surprise that they did the school scenes yesterday since school isn’t in session up in Vancouver yet.

Vancity Allie, a local blogger about all things Vancouver, was there to capture a few photos and give her write up. See Allie’s story and more photos here.