New Breaking Dawn Fan Pics: The Roadside Cabin Edition

A fan visiting the Vancouver/Squamish area  wrote in to Mandy’s site to say, “Me and my daughter drove into Squamish from Vancouver, originally from Kamloops but we spent the night in Van. The 1st thing we see when we where coming in, about 20 min outside of town where white trailers WAY up on a hill side, right off the sea to sky hwy…..”

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Breaking Dawn Used Historic Theater to Shoot Unknown Scene

The Breaking Dawn cast and crew were at an historic theater in Vancouver to shoot a scene. Rumor has it that it is some type of flashback.

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Probable Cullen Backyard Set Located

New vampires, like Judi Shekoni who plays Zafrina, have tweeted that they are shortly inbound to Vancouver. Others like Denali Clan members Mia Maestro, and Myanna Buring are already in town.

Check out more pictures and details here.  What do you think are the filming possibilities?

Jacob’s House Set Being Prepped for Breaking Dawn Filming

Mandy took a trip to the Jacob’s house location which is located at the intersection of two public roads. We giggled when Mandy described this part because we have been to the area and it’s so true.

“They have added the fire wood, boat buoys, the Black mailbox and other details. There is no ocean nearby this actual location, so it’s funny when they add boats, crab traps (which they did for the previous two movies) and all the boating and fishing props. They seem so obviously out of place, but perfect touches for the movies.”

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Bella and Edward’s Probable Cottage Set Found Outside Vancouver

We are putting the photo of the cottage under the cut for those of you trying to stay spoiler free. The cone with the Breaking Dawn initialing is the proof of it being an actual Breaking Dawn set. Speculation is that location is Bella and Edward’s cottage. Photos were taken from nearby public property. Get a photo and a link to more details under the cut. [Read more…]

Eclipse Reshoots Day1

CrewmeadowAbout two weeks ago news broke that there would be reshoots of some material for Eclipse. We pointed out, as did Peter Facinelli at the Arlington, VA Official Twilight Convention, that this wasn’t unusual they had several reshoots for Twilight late in the game. For Twilight, the reshoots involved the flashback of  Peter, Nikki, and Kellan in the period dress and the Quileutes in the forest. Why wasn’t Liz Reaser in those shots you may ask? Wasn’t Esme hungry that day? The answer is that Liz was shooting a TV series (now defunct) and couldn’t make it.

Hit Fix also established that the specific kind of re-shoots were what is known in the industry as “pick-up shots”. Peter further explained what that meant in Arlington.  He said (I’m paraphrasing because I didn’t have it recorded) that sometimes you do these because they realize later there’s crew equipment visible in the shot, a continuity error, the lighting wasn’t quite right, or they want to add in something else to bridge the material based on the edit. Peter further joked, “I don’t have to do re-shoots, I got all my stuff right this time.”  He then reiterated that they do these things all the time.

So what exactly did they “pick-up”? There was lots of Internet angst with people thinking it was the meadow proposal scene since the meadow area location was secured, but Summit had said that it wasn’t that scene.  Well it looks like one of the locals, Mandy, may have gotten to the bottom of it:

“So they indeed used the “meadow” set today with both Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart. It wasn’t Robert Pattinson on set, so it wasn’t the “meadow proposal scene” or anything.[Lexicon note: Rob as verified by multiple media sources didn’t arrive in Vancouver airport for hours after this shoot began]

I think there was confusion about just what was filmed at the meadow…. MANY things!!

That particular area has vast surroundings suitable for various shots involving a field, meadow, forest, water, mountains etc.”

So given that, as Mandy reports, the land is basic, vast woodland, and it involved Jacob and Bella…well it could be just about any Jake and Bella scene on the reservation, your guess is as good as ours.

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The Newborn Army Is On The Move

Filming of Eclipse continues in Vancouver. A recent scene, that those present surmise involves the newborn army because Xavier Samuel and Jodelle Ferland were present, was shot down at the waterfront. Various onlookers got to see quite the site by standing on public land on the opposite shore.  Mandy who ended up using the public rest room, got the shock of her life when she came out of the stall to find red-eyed extras waiting to use the facilities, now there’s something you don’t see everyday!

Vancity Allie, whose photo appears left, described the scene as:

“I had a chance to see a new set being filmed for Eclipse… the scene where the newborns arrive in Forks. It’s a picturesque scene, with mountains and water framing the background of the shot, and a sparse unoccupied beach for the newborns to arrive on… then they disappear into the forest. The vampire newborns looked absolutely chilling, and their rugged military-like outfits along with steely, determined glares just added to the mood. Filmed early in the morning, this scene was designed to look as if it had been shot at night, possibly just after dusk or just before dawn.”

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Mandy also visited locations similar to Allie. Mandy says:

“The vampires would simply go underwater once the camera was rolling then one by one emerge out of the water and walk slowly, menacingly towards to the shore. I love the darker angle David Slade is taking to this movie. I can’t wait for Eclipse to come out… but I have to wait for New Moon first… which I can’t wait for either :)”

You can see her write-up and photos here and here.

Eclipse Filming: Moving Full Steam Ahead

It’s always interesting when franchise movies change directors. Everyone has something new to bring to the project. So far from what we can tell as the casual observer, David Slade seems to be plowing ahead with efficiency while maintaining a sense of humor.

In the last couple of days, sets in very different locations have gone up in the afternoon, have had shooting done at night, and by mid morning all traces are gone. Quite impressive. At the same time, after undergoing what is obviously a long night of shooting, David had tweeted to fans about a joke picture he took with the prop guys.

Mandy, talks about seeing this uber organization first hand, where a scene under a bridge involving Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel was done in a heartbeat, while still having attention to detail.

“I was not at all surprised to see NOTHING left…

I know lot’s of people don’t have sets in their own backyard but shooting a scene takes tons of time, money, people and equipment…

I am so impressed so far with how “on the ball” David Slade is.

I remember when I met him outside Blue Water Cafe for the Cast Party at the end of New Moon. He stopped to chat with me and to clear the air about the things he had previously said about Twilight Saga…. he was cordial and really quite sweet… and short… but anyways…. so far this director has been in and out of multiple sets using perfect locations and just hammering it out quick and easy…

So yes, when I saw nothing at under the bridge today I was not shocked… David Slade and his crew are good – really good!”

Check out Mandy’s full report here including pictures of Bryce and Xavier that are a bit spoilerish. So, if you don’t want to see what could be termed a Victoria’s point of view scene, don’t click this link, however this link is safe.

Mandy also mentions some of the craziness that is happening on the local Vancouver air waves and in the print media.

“Last night, we stumbled upon this set while re-visiting a previous set used for New Moon. We were excited to see another live set but did not stay long as they quickly blocked the view with several screens and large trucks…I had been texted a few seconds earlier by a friend saying “some dumb broad called the radio and claimed they would tell everyone where the set was after the break”…I have actually had massive arguements with people about publicizing set locations when you can’t control who hears… meaning crazy people hear and show up and act – well… crazy!)”

Vancouver Shooting Off to a Great Start

One of the great things about shooting a movie in Vancouver in August is that it makes being pelted by hail less likely. It seems like the film crews were probably able to shoot some outdoor work with Jackson Rathbone for his Jasper backstory scene.

According to Mandy who has visited a number of the movie sets, and acted as a local tour guide for us when we were in Vancouver,

“They had torn down most everything and we chatted with crew still tearing down. There were dark black screens (typically they are white and used for either blocking views or reflecting light)

I asked why they were black (perhaps it was too sunny yesterday and instead of reflecting light as the white ones do, they were absorb light?) and they told us they were not for lighting purposes at all but to block the paparzzi… wait…. how many movies are being filmed right now that would require paparzzi?


Based on the location, the conversation, and the report from Lainey on what was filmed… I conclude that this location has SERIOUS potential for having hosted Twilight Saga Eclipse filming yesterday….”

See the rest of Mandy’s write-up here.

Jacob’s House Before and After

Malicious Mandy on live journal knows the folks that own Jacob’s House. She talked the about how the house was used in the movie and has before and after pictures.

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