Kristen Stewart: Biking Riding, Not With Taylor

Vancity Allie visited another location the other night. From what bystanders could tell, Bella (Kristen Stewart) jumps on the back of a motorcycle of a biker guy.  Onlookers are guessing that it’s a tweak of the scene in the book (call it artistic license) where Bella approaches a dangerous crowd while out with Jessica.

“And let me just say this — Kristen Stewart is one HECK of a cool chica. She did ALL her stunts tonight, at least the ones that I saw. Props for braving it out in the cold Vancouver night on a motorcycle all evening. Major Kudos, Kristen!”

Be warned that if you click to read the full story on the Vancity Allie blog that Allie was close enough to hear dialoge and to see people standing in interesting locations. Don’t worry, Allie was standing behind established barricades, and none of her coverage was illegally obtained, but, if you are trying to stay spoiler free on non-book stuff, you probably want to miss this particular story.


  1. So cool!!!

  2. Wow…motorcycle riding w/ gang members? That’s pretty hardcore for Bella.

  3. I’m not sure if I like this…on one hand, the effects look awesome, and I like the idea of Edward appearing, but…I really can’t see Bella riding on a motorcycle with a random gang member. The scene in the book seems more believable to me.

    • Sugary Giggles says

      Maybe, but the scene in the book was boring visually and cinematically. She just stands in the middle of the road, and you only really know whats going on because of her thoughts… and I think this would be a good way to introduce the bikes with Jacob. She rides these, sees/hears Edward, and then searches out her own. I doubt they’ll have Bella randomly going out and seeing them in the trash… again, it’s sort of “boring”. Good for a book, bad for a movie.

      • Ashley Renee says

        I agree 100%. This is the exciting thing about book-to-movie adaptations – the story changes in small but believable ways. 🙂

      • I agree. Some things that are in books just don’t look right on the moive and bella standing in the middle of the street like a dumby just dosen’t look right.
        So of course they change alot of things every single detail can’t be precise.
        I think bella riding the bikes is a great way to lead to bella and jacob riding together beacause thats more important isn’t it? bella and HOT jacob togehter? 🙂

  4. I actually like this change. What they had in the book, works for the book, but I don’t see it being risky in movies.

  5. This sets up the dirtbike thing with Jacob.

    But like, if she’s already been on a bike, won’t the edward hallucination wear off by the time she rides with jacob? Cause after riding the dirtbike a few times.. it wears off. So… yeah..

    • Ashley Renee says

      My guess would be that she doesn’t do much riding with this random guy before she freaks out and ends it. This way, her escapades with Jacob are more thrilling.

  6. ScarletRubie says

    I like it, it’s new and it looks promising!

  7. kristen is a trooper 🙂

  8. On, there’s new credit:

    Hugo Steele / biker

    I checked him out on that site and it says he’s mostly stunt performer, but he’s acted a bit too. They may have casted him as one of the guys she begins to walk up to at One Eyed Pete’s bar on her outing with Jessica.

  9. Thparkle says

    I don’t like changes but this one seems okay. I cannot wait for New Moon. I think kristen will be really good in this one. I saw her in ‘Speak’ and she was good at acting really depressed…good for New Moon. That’s cool that she just didn’t have her stunt double take over that night.

  10. Wow, I kind of like this idea. I didn’t want them to change anything, but this scene will be much more interesting on the big screen this way. And then it paves the way for dirt bikes with Jacob perfectly.

  11. to me this makes sense because in the book she just stands in the street and we hear everything in her head which you cant do in a movie so im guessing this lets the audiance know she is doing something dangerous and im also guessing this will give her a reason to buy the motorcycles (since its the first time she hears edwards voice) and try them out with jacob instead of just stumbling upon them like in the book. i think it sounds like a good idea although i dont know if bella would have really done that lol

  12. Sounds like fun – I want a turn

  13. i think the change in the scene/story line is great

    this just enhances the story for me.

  14. Don’t you people realize that IF these are the same gang members as they were in Twilight, there is NO way she would make it off the motorcycle and away from them ALIVE because they were SERIAL RAPISTS AND MURDERERS?!

    So unless Chris Weitz is an idiot who doesn’t know Twilight plot details, then these are different gang members. NOT the same ones as in Twilight.

  15. I don’t want changes, I want them to bring New Moon to life. I don’t want a different version. They already messed up Twilight. As someone who has read the books countless times, I don’t want them to change anything. I want them to play the characters the way they were written. Why mess with perfection???? There should be minor tweaks to adapt the book to screne.

  16. OOOOOHHHHH boy Twifans are gonna have something 2 say about this one!!!LOL guess we will just have 2 see.Its still early in the a.m but im sure there will be lots a feedback…

  17. yeah actually i can see this change being more believable, because bella is almost like going crazy from hearing voices of edward. this is more believable because now bella is coming out of her comfort zone in order to hear edward again.

  18. My only problem is that this is the gang that wanted to do ‘bad’ things to her in Twilight… A different gang of bikers would be fine, but these punks? Would she be THAT stupid? They were ready to rape her in the first movie…

  19. Actually, the guys in the bar scene were not the same guys that Edward scared off in Twilight, so why would they be the same ones now?

    Are we sure they are the same? If so, I just am not liking that idea…
    THAT is beyond reckless.

  20. Faktririjekt says

    They had better not be the same.

    Chris has officially lost my respect again for this one. . .

  21. switzgal says

    I don’t understand why they have to change that scene. Really??? They try too hard to make Twilight Saga ACTION PACK. New Moon has tons of action for the non readers, guys etc already.

    I don’t know, Bella was being risky but I doubt she would’ve been this stupid to hop on a bike with some stranger. It seems redudndant too as she will eventually be on a bike along with Jacob.

  22. This is a change that makes sense (unlike some changes in Twilight). It is hard to capture how intense that part of the book is onto film. Most of the scary stuff was in Bella’s head. I doubt it is the same gang. But, they are supposed to LOOK like the same gang. And, I doubt she is joy riding for more than a minute. I like it, and I still trust CW.

  23. Faktririjekt says

    It’s not a stranger. It’s the same gang. With bikes.

  24. In the book, they weren’t even gang members, they were just guys standing outside a bar. But the fact that she didn’t know them made it scary, from what I read anyway. They were even nice and offered to buy her a drink if I remember right. So I hope they don’t make it so she is hanging out with gang members, especially not the same bad guys she met in Port Angeles. That would be beyond just ‘risky behavior’.

    • I agree. But I think they were in the bar. They can make it creepy enough where you are saying to yourself “no! no! don’t go in!!!” without having her jump on a bike, and certainly not with the nasty guys from Twilight!

      The book incorporated the bikes/Jacob just fine. They don’t need a non-existent lead in like this to explain them.

  25. It can’t be the gang from the first movie. Bella would never be that stupid. I’m pissed already and he movie isn’t even finished. WHy can’t they just stick to the book???

  26. I like it. I think it’s a good idea. Instead of her just standing in the road, she takes a ride on a bike. I’m sure it’ll work out. And it’s not really that big of a change.

  27. I’m not exactly sure about this.I hope the gang members aren’t the same.

  28. Well, I for one am saying “gang” because it is a gang of guys. I don’t mean a street gang. I didn’t think they were a street gang in the first movie. I am sure she is just jumping on a stranger’s bike. Not a gang member.

  29. I think we are all referring to them as a ‘gang of guys’ as well. But, according to Vancity Allie, it is the SAME group as the first movie. I hope she has her facts wrong!

  30. If they are the same ones from Twilight that’s a pretty idiotic idea. I’m pretty sure they are different and the info is wrong…
    If that’s the case I like it. It kind of paves the way for the dirt bikes with Jacob perfectly. I really don’t want them changing the book at all, but that could make the next part flow a little easier maybe. I’m trusting Chris on this one.

  31. I consider this to be more then a minor change. It’s one thing to stand in the road and stare, but it’s a whole other thing to actually get on a bike with a strange guy. Not even Bella would do that. I wonder weather Stephenie knows about this yet?

  32. i actually really like this idea. i think it will be more interesting for a movie and it’s really not THAT BIG of a change! it will show once again how crazy bella goes without edward. i was worried at first that new moon would not show how completely devistated bella was and make it seem like jacob cured her and she doesn’t need edward anymore, but now i am more confident that they will stay true to team edward fans =)

  33. i'mwiththewolves says

    In New Moon the guys are not gang members, Bella thought that they were the same guys from Twilight but they were not. They were actually friendly and not really creepy, just some guys enjoying a night at a bar… I guess people are thinking that they are the same because they are refered to as “gang memebers” which seems like the guys from Twilight…

    As for this whole bike thing, it seems a little too far fetched for this part of New Moon, but it WOULD be boring if she was just standing there. I guess it paves the way for transition to biking with Taylor (eeeeeepp <3333), so it prob makes sense in the sequence of the movie and stuff

    • No, we’re thinking they are the same group because in the article Vancity says they are!

      THAT is our problem!

  34. I actually kind of like the changes in this scene. It makes it more intense. Bella just standing there would be kind of boring to watch.

  35. I actually agree, this is a minor change, but it may give us more of how wrecked she really is @ the moment! Losing her soulmate! !I can only imagine her suffering ! !

  36. I am very curious to see how this is going to work/play out in the movie. And I think it could be really cool and I like the idea of having Edward be there as hullicanation or whatever, instead of just hearing him. Every little picture, video, or info from set just makes me that more excited for November.

  37. i don’t know if you guys are aware of the “leaked script” for New Moon, but it has a scene where Bella gets on a motorcycle with one of the guys outside the bar.

    i read the script, and i don’t think it’s the official one. they leave out a lot of the scenes i know they have already filmed (like Bella, Jacob, and Mike at the movies).

    but from those pictures, it seems it does have some truth.


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