Kristen Stewart: Biking Riding, Not With Taylor

Vancity Allie visited another location the other night. From what bystanders could tell, Bella (Kristen Stewart) jumps on the back of a motorcycle of a biker guy.  Onlookers are guessing that it’s a tweak of the scene in the book (call it artistic license) where Bella approaches a dangerous crowd while out with Jessica.

“And let me just say this — Kristen Stewart is one HECK of a cool chica. She did ALL her stunts tonight, at least the ones that I saw. Props for braving it out in the cold Vancouver night on a motorcycle all evening. Major Kudos, Kristen!”

Be warned that if you click to read the full story on the Vancity Allie blog that Allie was close enough to hear dialoge and to see people standing in interesting locations. Don’t worry, Allie was standing behind established barricades, and none of her coverage was illegally obtained, but, if you are trying to stay spoiler free on non-book stuff, you probably want to miss this particular story.