Meet Tracey Heggins New Face Fridays

Tracey Heggins plays Senna of the Amazon coven in Breaking Dawn Part 2. The Twilight fan sites had a chance to chat with her about her new role.

Tracey: Hi! How are you guys? Great! I am excited to talk to you guys!

Q: We just saw the posters of you and Zafrina. The other actors have talked about what they first thought when they saw themselves. What was your first reaction when you saw the hair and the make up, and the outfit and the eyes?

Tracey: Roar! (sound) That is exactly what I thought! Whoa! This has an earthy, sexy quality to it, so I was all for it. It’s very exciting!

Q: Speaking of what you look like… You are baring a lot in your outfit. I’m wondering if you had to diet or work out? What was your regiment? Tracey: Yeah! I have to work out. I’m a hippy girl… I have hips and curves. Literally, when I had the fitting, I had a King Size Snicker bar in my purse. After I had seen the outfit, on my way out, I dropped it into the trash can. (Laughing) I was, like, Oh, no, no, no, no! But yeah, I do a lot of yoga. And, on set it was easy to be disciplined because Kellan Lutz is up there working out all day long, and the rest of them were fighting to get to the gym before shoot time. So, you know, it was a lot of camaraderie at the gym because we were all on camera.

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Last week we also interviewed Tracey’s fellow coven member Judi Shekoni who plays Zafrina.

Remember, you can always refresh your memory about new coven members by looking at our characters bios section. You can find Senna’s bio here and Zafrina’s bio here.

Video: Meet the Amazons and Chileans: Marisa Quinn, Judi Shekoni and Tracey Heggins

Marisa,Tracey and Judi are also big fans of the book.

Tracey Heggins Who Plays Senna Talks to CelebBuzz

Tracey is the woman on the LEFT in the photo we are running. Celeb Buzz has her confused with the other Amazon Coven member Judi Shekoni. This is what Tracey had to say about working on the Breaking Dawn set.

B: Tell us about your role in the movie.
I play the role of Senna, the oldest vampire. I come from the frame of reference where Zafrina, my vampire sister, has hooked me up again in some kind of situation and I’m here now. And all of the sudden, I want to help and defend these people [Cullens]. I’m very excited, because Senna loves to fight. She loves to kick butt and take names. I don’t want to give too much away, but Senna is ready to go.

CB: Mackenzie Foy plays Bella and Edward’s child, Renesmee. What was the dynamic like with her on set?
TH: She is so genuine. Mackenzie is a real live little girl. Every time she was on set, we all doted around her. She has that kind of sweet spirit, and I can see how she booked it because it just comes through.

CB: The film’s director, Bill Condon, said it brought out a very paternal and motherly part of Rob and Kristen on set —aside from their swearing! Would you agree?
Yes, Mackenzie had a swear dish, so each swear was per dollar. Some people said, “I’ll give you 20 dollars now before we even start working.” So, she whooped us all into shape with our dirty mouths.

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Catch our red carpet interview with Tracey below.

Red Carpet Interviews With The Amazons, the Nomads, and the Egyptians

Back at the Breaking Dawn red Carpet we were able to interview some of the new coven members.

Next our Amazon based women Tracey Heggins as Senna and Marissa Quinn as Huelin

And our Egyptians Omar Metwally, Angela Sarafyan, Andrea Gabriel

Irish Coven

The nomads: Peter (Erik Odom), Randall (Bill Tangradi), Mary (Toni Trucks)

New Vampires Screen Caps: Lee Pace as Garrett Rami Malek as Benjamin and More

We thought we’d point out a few of the new vampires that are in the teaser.


Lee Pace as Garrett standing with Myanna Buring as Tanya and Casey LaBow as Kate. In the background Noel Fisher and Guri Weinberg as the Romanians.

Lee Pace as Garret at the fireplace with Casey LaBow. Possibly, seated Christian Camargo.

Joe Anderson as Alistair

Joe Anderson at far right as Alistair Bill Tangradi as Randall far left. Also present Carlisle and the Denali

Rami Malek and Omar Metwally and Benjamin and Amun

Benjamin and Tia (Angela Sarafyan)

The Amazon’s Tracey Heggens as Senna and Judi Shekoni as Zafrina

Charlie Bewley as Demetri sending who we believe is Toshiro, played by Masami Kosaka, to the wall.

Video: Noel Fisher and Tracey Heggins at the New Now Next Awards

Check out new vampires from the Romanian and Amazon Coven

Meet the Women of the Amazon Covens: Tracey Heggins and Marisa Quinn

We were able to meet Tracey Heggins (Senna) and Marisa Quinn (Formerly Quintanilla, but she has now shortened it) (Huelin) at the Breaking Dawn Premiere. Guess what, they are big fans of the BOOKS!

Video: Breaking Dawn Stars on the Madame Tussauds Red Carpet

Valorie Curry(Charlotte), Booboo Stewart(Seth), Tracy Heggins(Sena) and Judi Shekoni(Zafrina) all stopped by and chatted.

The Amazon Coven as Red-Eyed Vampires

Adonis has given us some more red-eyed vampire makeovers. This time it’s the Amazon Coven’s turn!

Tracey Heggins as Senna

Judi Shekoni as Zafrina

Now if you want more information on what projects of Judi and Tracey you should focus on, check out Twilight From a Different Point of View. They have an excellent article up featuring these two ladies and their work!