5 Things That Have Us Psyched About the Breaking Dawn 2 Teaser

MTV’s Next Movie has a list of 5 things from yesterday’s teaser that have them pumped for the movie. Do theeir choices match yours?

1. Bella Warrior: At the tail end of the teaser as she’s lined up with her family and new friends, Bella (Kristen Stewart), watches as the immense Volturi guard descends upon the Forks clearing with a mean mug so fierce even we were shivering in our boots a little. Bella as a badass warrior vampire, finally? We’ve been waiting for that for four years now.

2. New Vampires: Incoming! There are about two dozen new vampires tacking onto the “Twilight” cast list for “Part 2,” and the teaser trailer gave some blink-and-you’ll-miss-it glimpses at just about every blimey one of ’em. Some of the more enthralling new vamp flashes include Joe Anderson as the secluded and scruffy wanderer vamp Alistair, Lee Pace as the nomadic hottie Garrett and Judi Shekoni as the über-talented wild one from the Amazon, Zafrina. As Taylor Lautner’s Jacob Black puts it, “Lotta red eyes around here.” Just the way we like it. More, more, more!

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Poll: Breaking Dawn Teaser Did It Meet Your Expectation?

So now that we’ve all had the chance to play the trailer a couple hundred times…not that there is anything wrong with that…did it live up to the hype? Where does it rank against teasers for the other Twilight Saga movies. Vote for your favorite.

New Vampires Screen Caps: Lee Pace as Garrett Rami Malek as Benjamin and More

We thought we’d point out a few of the new vampires that are in the teaser.


Lee Pace as Garrett standing with Myanna Buring as Tanya and Casey LaBow as Kate. In the background Noel Fisher and Guri Weinberg as the Romanians.

Lee Pace as Garret at the fireplace with Casey LaBow. Possibly, seated Christian Camargo.

Joe Anderson as Alistair

Joe Anderson at far right as Alistair Bill Tangradi as Randall far left. Also present Carlisle and the Denali

Rami Malek and Omar Metwally and Benjamin and Amun

Benjamin and Tia (Angela Sarafyan)

The Amazon’s Tracey Heggens as Senna and Judi Shekoni as Zafrina

Charlie Bewley as Demetri sending who we believe is Toshiro, played by Masami Kosaka, to the wall.

What Are Your Top 5 For the Teaser on Wednesday?

Keeping in mind we are talking teaser and not full-blown trailer we aren’t talking a ton of time here. So what are you top 5 things that you want to see in Wednesday’s teaser? Here are some of ours:

  1. Renesmee…she walks, talks, something adorable. Maybe a live action shot of the still where Bella has her hand to her cheek?
  2. Sense of danger from the Volturi…Michael Sheen is the master of sadistic creepy with a smile. We want plotting Aro.
  3. Two words: arm wrestling…nuff said
  4. The new Bella and Jake dynamic…Bella chasing after Jake screaming about the Loch Ness Monster would be epic
  5. The Edward and Bella reunion…so she opens her eyes and who is there, or really any other E&B moment will do.

So do you agree? What are your picks?

New Official Breaking Dawn Part 2 Teaser to Debut Wednesday

According to Summit/Lionsgate:

To help fans worldwide celebrate Edward Cullen’s 111th birthday on June 20, 2012, Summit Entertainment, a LIONSGATE® (NYSE: LGF) company, will debut an exciting new teaser trailer for the highly anticipated THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 2.

Also according to Summit/Lionsgate

A 10-second sneak peek of the teaser trailer will be available on Tuesday.

Reaction to the Tease to the Breaking Dawn 2 Teaser

MTV asked Laura and others around teh fandom for their reaction to yesterday’s brief glimpse into the teaser (or as we’re calling it: The Tease to the Teaser…AKA, “Please Sir, can I have some more!”)

Here’s what Laura said to MTV:

Twilight Lexicon’s Laura Byrne-Cristiano also appreciated the very short seconds of tease but, like most of us, was left wanting more.

“Ten seconds wasn’t really enough to capture anything. We did see Bella running through the trees, but we couldn’t see her face in that brief snippet,” she said. “So, we got only a little of the Bella with vampire powers that I was hoping for. It was nice to see a reaction of Jacob and Edward to Bella, but I really would have been more satisfied if Bella herself (in particular her facial expressions) was more in the shot. I’m hoping we actually get to see her and not just her point of view in the full teaser.”

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Five Things We Want in the Full Teaser

MTV has a rundown of things they are looking forward to in the full Breaking Dawn teaser:

Arm Wrestling and Other Bella-as-a-Vampire Scenes
So Bella is a vampire now. Hopefully that doesn’t surprise anyone at this point, since everyone who saw “Breaking Dawn – Part 1” got a little sneak peek of those freaky-colored eyes of hers. As such, we should see a whole new side of Bella in this movie, including an arm wrestling match with Emmett. “I am hoping to see some vampire action in the full trailer,” Mathews said. “There are some great training scenes from the book I hope they include, as well as some great cottage scenes with Bella and Edward! I expect to see lots of Bella as a vampire, and I’m OK with that!”

Check out the full list here. Do you agree with their choices?