Red Carpet Interviews With The Amazons, the Nomads, and the Egyptians

Back at the Breaking Dawn red Carpet we were able to interview some of the new coven members.

Next our Amazon based women Tracey Heggins as Senna and Marissa Quinn as Huelin

And our Egyptians Omar Metwally, Angela Sarafyan, Andrea Gabriel

Irish Coven

The nomads: Peter (Erik Odom), Randall (Bill Tangradi), Mary (Toni Trucks)

Meet the Egyptian Coven: Andrea Gabriel, Omar Metwally, Angela Sarafyan

We had the chance to meet and interview the entire Egyptian Coven at the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Premiere.

The Egyptian Coven as Red-eyed Vampires

More great makeovers from Adonis!

Coven Leader: Amun portrayed by Omar Metwally

Omar’s mate Kebi portrayed by Andrea Gabriel


Benjamin who can literally move the earth portrayed by Rami Malek

Benjamin’s mate Tia as portrayed by Angela Sarafyan