New Vampires Screen Caps: Lee Pace as Garrett Rami Malek as Benjamin and More

We thought we’d point out a few of the new vampires that are in the teaser.


Lee Pace as Garrett standing with Myanna Buring as Tanya and Casey LaBow as Kate. In the background Noel Fisher and Guri Weinberg as the Romanians.

Lee Pace as Garret at the fireplace with Casey LaBow. Possibly, seated Christian Camargo.

Joe Anderson as Alistair

Joe Anderson at far right as Alistair Bill Tangradi as Randall far left. Also present Carlisle and the Denali

Rami Malek and Omar Metwally and Benjamin and Amun

Benjamin and Tia (Angela Sarafyan)

The Amazon’s Tracey Heggens as Senna and Judi Shekoni as Zafrina

Charlie Bewley as Demetri sending who we believe is Toshiro, played by Masami Kosaka, to the wall.


  1. Thank you for posting these.

  2. Catherine B says

    BENJAMIN! I was so excited about what could have been in this trailer and I was pleasantly surprised to see Benjamin using his powers! I am crazy excited!

  3. THANKS!! I kept pausing the trailer to see everyone, SO EXCITED to see Garrett! Lee Pace is gonna be great!

  4. Rami as Benjamin was always the one I imagined even before the casting!thanks for posting this!

  5. Sorry, I don’t remember Toshiro???

  6. The Amazons look badass. Alistais seems both feral and noble. Well done.

  7. I so in visioned Rami as Benjamin way before castings and his just perfect for the part …. I’m so excited now I can’t wait …. Twilight Marathon in the mean time

  8. Pardon, but who the heck is Toshiro? I don’t remember seeing that name before.

  9. radiowidow says

    THANK YOU for the screen shots with info!

  10. Jennifer says

    Just so I have this part straight…”Toshiro” is a vampire who will be appearing in the movie? He definitely wasn’t in the books.

  11. I love the Amazons!! They are beautiful.

  12. Thanks for posting these! It’s hard to see it all w/the images going by so fast.

  13. casey labow talks lee pace on Twitter

  14. ?????? ??? ????? ???


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