Taylor Lautner interview before he was Twilight famous

We had the good fortune to meet Taylor Lautner before all the Twilight hype struck and he was very down to earth. At the time he seemed like a typical high school kid. A writer for the examiner did the same thing only two years earlier. Here’s how the rediscovered interview went down back in 2005, three years before Twilight was a blip on Taylor Lautner’s Radar. The interview took place at a carnival inspired premiere of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in director Robert Rodriguez’s home state Texas.

Jack Dennis (JD): So what do you think of being at a carnival for a premiere?

Taylor Lautner (TL): Oh, it’s really fun. Everyone is having a good time and it’s so nice here. We are excited to be here meeting everyone. This was a good idea. It’s fun signing autographs and it’s nice to see the others. It is a fun experience.

JD: Who is asking for autographs more, the boys or the girls?

TL: (laughs) Mainly, uh, the boys. But, you know, I sign for the girls too. (Grins and laughs again). But it is kind of weird. I’m not use to it. It’s hard to believe they really want my autograph or picture, but it’s fun.

JD: What would you say you learned most from him[director Robert Rodriguez]?

TL: (laughs) Well besides the 3-D stuff, I learned to be humble. Look at him. He’s wearing a cowboy hat, bright blue cowboy shirt and jeans with holes in them. He likes this big star director, but he is down to earth and a lot of fun. We all loved him.

Somehow we don’t think Taylor is signing for mostly boys these days! Read the rest at the Examiner!

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner Make Forbes Celebrity 100 List 2012

Forbes Magazine has just come out with their annual Celebrity 100 List. Here are the qualifications considered to get

on the list:

With most of our lists we keep it strictly on the money: earnings or net worth. The Celebrity 100 is a little different. This list–which includes film and television actors, TV personalities, models, athletes, authors, musicians and comedians–is based on money and fame. We define fame as media visibility in print, television, radio and online, plus social media power, which we measure by looking at each celebrity’s presence on Facebook and Twitter. The earnings consist of pretax income between May 1, 2011, and May 1, 2012. Management, agent and attorney fees are not deducted. Forbes has been publishing the list annually since 1999.

Kristen Stewart made the list at number 43 and Taylor Launter ranked in at 67.

Given the requirement for a social media presence and that Robert Pattinson and Stephenie Meyer have none, we are wondering if that hurt their ranking. Taylor Lautner launched a Facebook page last year with several million followers and Kristen Stewart (though she has no social media) does many more interviews than Pattinson and Lautner. Similarly author Suzanne Collins of The Hunger Games fame is not there, she also does not do many appearances, so maybe that is the key?

Which MTV Movie Award Best Kiss Acceptance Speech is Your Favorite

I have to say, even though I do enjoy the over-the-top The Notebook reenactment, I have a soft spot for the Pattinson and Lautner snog see below. Vote for your favorite on MTV and remember to vote daily for Twilight in the Best Kiss and Best Movie categories on MTV.

Taylor Lautner to Beat Out Robert Pattinson on Celebrity 100 List

This one took us by surprise. Forbes magazine is getting ready to debut their annual celebrity 100 list and they dropped a few hints at what to expect.

Our Celebrity 100 list will go live on Wednesday at 10 a.m. The annual list spotlights the celebs with the most money and fame from the worlds of movies, TV, sports, books and modelling. One of the biggest surprises this year: Taylor Lautner makes his debut while Robert Pattinson drops off the list.

Both Twilight stars earned the same amount of money over the last 12 months, $26.5 million. So how did Lautner beat Pattinson? Fame. Lautner simply garnered more press attention. Because Lautner had the film Abduction in theaters within the last 12 months in addition to Twilight: Breaking Dawn, he was in the press and on TV and the web more than Pattinson.

See the rest at Forbes

We will post full details on Wednesday when they are officially released.

Twilight Stars Make Glamour’s Best Dressed List

Four Twilight Saga celebs made the cut for Glamour’s Best Dressed of 2012 (which we find slightly odd because we’re only 4 months into the year, but who’s counting?) The big surprise comes with Kristen Stewart’s top rank of #1 on the women’s list beating out Victoria Beckham and even Kate Middleton!  “Kristen is always effortlessly on-trend. Her evolution from awkward teen to style queen has made the Twilight star a fashion icon every girl can relate to.”  Ashley Greene also made the list, but just barely.  She came in at number 50 out of 50.  Both Taylor Lautner and Rob Pattinson made the men’s list.  Taylor came in at 5th place and Rob in 10th.

What do you think?  Did Glamour get it right?  Tell us in the comments!


Video: Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner Win at KCA

Both Taylor and Kristen walked away with a Blimp from the Kids Choice Awards tonight.

KCA 2012: Kristen Stewart Wins Favorite Movie Actress!
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Video: Jimmy Kimmel Includes Taylor Lautner in Annual OSCAR Spoof

Every year Jimmy Kimmel does some type of send up on OSCAR night. Check out this year’s version that includes Taylor Lautner among others.

Taylor Lautner in Company Magazine Preview

The full interview is out in the issue that release on Sunday. Digital Spy has this preview:

“It can be difficult. But now I’m used to the screaming and the occasional grabbing,” Lautner said. “The first time it ever happened I was like, ‘WOAH! What’s going on? Why are they screaming? Why are they touching me?’

“But now I get the fans’ passion. We understand it so it’s not that crazy to us anymore. I just have to be more strategic about where I go, so I don’t go to the hippest restaurants at the busiest times, and I try not to tweet before I go.”

Discussing time spent in London, the 19-year-old said: “I’ve been there three or four times, but it’s always flying straight in and out on promotion for a film. This time I’m here a bit longer, so I’m going to hit up Rob [Pattinson] about where I should go. I’ve heard there are some great restaurants, so I’m really looking forward to trying them.”

Admitting to being a fan of British girls, he added: “The British accent is definitely not a negative!”

See more on Digital Spy

DVD Extra Featuring Jacob Black

Popsugar has a look at one of the DVD extras that fans will enjoy when they take home their copy of  the Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD/Blu-Ray.  This is a closer look at the developement of Jacob’s character in the film.  And yes, he’s shirtless. Thanks to the Examiner for the heads up!

Taylor Lautner Wax Figure Unveiled

Madam Tussauds unveiled their wax figure of Taylor Lautner in London.  Fans can find Taylor standing next to Robert Pattinson, and from what we can see in the photos, the two figures stand at the same height!  Votes are being taken to see which figure should win their own place of honor.

Liz Edwards of Tussauds said: “Taylor was one of the most requested personalities in 2011. We wanted to do something fun to celebrate Taylor’s arrival and what better way than to try and answer the ultimate question – Taylor vs R-Patz – who is the supreme king of hearts?”

What do you think?  Who looks better in wax – Robert or Taylor?  Read more about exhibit and see more photos at Socialite Life.