Video: Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner Win at KCA

Both Taylor and Kristen walked away with a Blimp from the Kids Choice Awards tonight.

KCA 2012: Kristen Stewart Wins Favorite Movie Actress!
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  1. Christina says

    Why didn’t they sit with eachother? They are friends right!? Daughter voted for both! But was curious.

    • They are friends,but think she was just there to pick up her award and go. Same with Rob when he won back at the PCAs in January.

  2. Doug… Rocko’s Mondern Life! True child of the 90’s! Too bad most of those kids had NO idea what Kristen was talking about. 🙂 Gotta love Kristen and all of her awkwardness… She is Bella… 😛

  3. My favourite Nick shows were Doug, SpongeBob and Catdog!
    Congrats to Kristen for winning Favorite Movie Actress and Taylor for winning Favorite Buttkicker! You guys rock!
    Also I loved Kristen’s dress and Taylor’s reaction while he was getting slimed! When the slim hit him right in the head twice he was like “Are you kidding me?” lol

  4. Nice shout out to Katy Perry from Kristen! Perhaps her and Rob ARE a part of Katy Perry’s new movie??

  5. Diana Rothe says

    Congrats to both!!! Taylor’s video isn’t working. A glitch?

  6. Hi guys, the videos don’t work – they write “Sorry, this video is unavailable from your location”.. What do they mean? Does it have any impact that I am from Europe?

    • It means that you can only view the footage if you live in the United States. Apparently the rest of the world doesn’t matter. It happens frequently.

    • LadyLovesLeo says

      I’m in the US, and I couldn’t get the link to Taylor’s video to work either. It may work only in US, but try to watch directly from the Nick / KCA site: Josh Hutcherson (THG) presents an award at 11:10, Kristen’s award starts at 25:33, and Taylor’s award at 40:47. Keep watching after Taylor’s award to see him showing off his push ups and getting slimed.

      • Thank you so much, unfortenately the result was same – video is unavailable from my location.. what a surprise for me, I had always thought that the internet was worldwide:) But thank you for your will to help!

  7. Sorry off topic but no April Fool’s this year? Past years were so much fun!

  8. Its razzie time….

  9. No April Fools joke this year?? =(

  10. VikkiCullen says

    Is it just me, or does Kristen’s dress look like a shortened, tighter, long-sleeved version of the dress she wore to the Breaking Dawn p.1 premiere? I was hoping that when Taylor got slimed, he would rip his shirt off…

  11. ROB won Fav UK actor at UK KIds Choice Awards 2012. Congrats !

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