Taylor Lautner Wax Figure Unveiled

Madam Tussauds unveiled their wax figure of Taylor Lautner in London.  Fans can find Taylor standing next to Robert Pattinson, and from what we can see in the photos, the two figures stand at the same height!  Votes are being taken to see which figure should win their own place of honor.

Liz Edwards of Tussauds said: “Taylor was one of the most requested personalities in 2011. We wanted to do something fun to celebrate Taylor’s arrival and what better way than to try and answer the ultimate question – Taylor vs R-Patz – who is the supreme king of hearts?”

What do you think?  Who looks better in wax – Robert or Taylor?  Read more about exhibit and see more photos at Socialite Life.


  1. Finally a wax figure male that actually looks legit!!! And so does Rob in this one, because the one in L.A. doesn’t look like Rob at all!!!

  2. It’s creepy to me how that does NOT look like a wax figure. He just looks like he’s standing still and someone is applying make up to his face.

  3. Actually, I think both wax figures look more handsome than their real counterparts.

  4. Taylor’s looks good.

    Rob’s looks like how they thought he might look in 10 years. If he was creepier.

  5. His actually looks like him. Whoever did Taylor’s did a better job than whoever did Rob’s. Now we need one of Kristen.

  6. Madam Tousaad’s must be Team Jacob because Taylor looks spot on! Poor Rob!

  7. rob never sit in for the tussaud because he doesnt care abt these things. TL is way shorter than rob. Whey nxt to rob, couldnt find his own spotlight??

  8. CullenCoven says

    Taylor looks amazing, whereas Rob’s face is a bit weird.

  9. Rob’s looks horrible. Taylor is WAY shorter than Rob. If they’re going to do this, they should do it right. I’ve been to Madame Tussaud’s in London, and in my personal opinion, the skill of their artists has declined over the years. The older wax figures look way more realistic than these new ones that are being created.

  10. Chela Madison says

    Looks good =)

  11. Not sure how it would have looked, but they should have gave Taylor his signature smile. 😀

  12. Taylor looks amazing n better than Rob.

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