Twilight Stars Make Glamour’s Best Dressed List

Four Twilight Saga celebs made the cut for Glamour’s Best Dressed of 2012 (which we find slightly odd because we’re only 4 months into the year, but who’s counting?) The big surprise comes with Kristen Stewart’s top rank of #1 on the women’s list beating out Victoria Beckham and even Kate Middleton!  “Kristen is always effortlessly on-trend. Her evolution from awkward teen to style queen has made the Twilight star a fashion icon every girl can relate to.”  Ashley Greene also made the list, but just barely.  She came in at number 50 out of 50.  Both Taylor Lautner and Rob Pattinson made the men’s list.  Taylor came in at 5th place and Rob in 10th.

What do you think?  Did Glamour get it right?  Tell us in the comments!



  1. Lucianna says:

    No, I don’t think Glamour got it right. I think her clothing is rather…tasteless. Nothing trendy about it. If she closed her gaping mouth, she’d be prettier.

    • rhiannon says:

      what is tasteless?? cuz her dresses are short?? this is 2012 not 1935!!! she ranks among the best dressed at every awards show!

      • First of all, the shape of the dress doesn’t fit her body type. Princess waist-lines looks better for her.
        Second, what’s up with the three-cross patterned beading? One is quite enough, thank you.
        Third, the slit up the leg is very unsightly to me. Sure, it’s fashionable now to advertise your body, but I really didn’t like her leg sticking out the whole time.

  2. Spinhermie says:

    I really think she makes the best-dressed list at all the events and premieres she attends, and public appearances she makes–her look is always fresh and a little edgy, and on her it’s a great look–she’s beautiful. But, IMO her perpetual skinny jeans, tshirts, hoodies, and vans hardly qualify her for the #1 spot. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for comfort and signature style, and certainly it’s age appropriate, but I thought “Best Dressed” meant more polished personal style, more of the time.

  3. LadyLovesLeo says:

    I think Kristen has really evolved to a very sophisticated yet age appropriate style – especially on the red carpet and during publicity work. Of course, we all dress more casually when we’re off the clock.

    Hang in there girl!

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