Taylor Lautner to Beat Out Robert Pattinson on Celebrity 100 List

This one took us by surprise. Forbes magazine is getting ready to debut their annual celebrity 100 list and they dropped a few hints at what to expect.

Our Celebrity 100 list will go live on Wednesday at 10 a.m. The annual list spotlights the celebs with the most money and fame from the worlds of movies, TV, sports, books and modelling. One of the biggest surprises this year: Taylor Lautner makes his debut while Robert Pattinson drops off the list.

Both Twilight stars earned the same amount of money over the last 12 months, $26.5 million. So how did Lautner beat Pattinson? Fame. Lautner simply garnered more press attention. Because Lautner had the film Abduction in theaters within the last 12 months in addition to Twilight: Breaking Dawn, he was in the press and on TV and the web more than Pattinson.

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We will post full details on Wednesday when they are officially released.


  1. Watch how many Rob fans come and start that bs ass hating on Taylor all because of some damn Forbes list.

    • Rachelle says:

      Is it really necessary to curse, especially when it doesn’t even make sense? Interesting that your comment is so hostile and negative about how you feel Rob fans will be hostile and negative. As far as Rob versus Taylor on the list goes, it just seems odd that Taylor is on the list for Abduction, but Rob is not, even though Water for Elephants did much better in the box office and Rob did a lot of promoting for the film.

  2. Moonjenn says:

    Taylor is much better looking (I’m sure Forbes considered this) but I honestly think Robert has more artistic ability. At least it seems so thus far…

  3. He is a terrible terrible terrible actor. Everyone has more ability than this dude. This will be the last time he makes any list. He will be a bad memory in another year. Thank God!

  4. Newsflash!!!! Abduction was TERRIBLE. His acting was TERRIBLE and the film FAIL. The only good thing that came out of that whole mess is that it proved that he is not a movie star and will never be. He does not have it. He only benefited from having a very unattractive male co-star. Robert Pattision would have made any man look sexy when standing next to him in the Twilight movies.

  5. Rachelle says:

    So I guess this means they did not take into account that Abduction was weak and did little to show Taylor’s range in acting? Not really a big deal, but it is funny that Taylor is going to make the list for Abduction. Oh well, Rob can look forward to Cannes, Cosmopolis, Bel Ami, and his future projects. Highly doubt he is concerned about not making this list, especially with so many amazing things happening in his life and Kristen’s.

  6. It amazes me how some people take this Team Jacob/Team Edward hating and transfer it onto the actors themselves. LOL It’s so ridiculous and juvenile. It’s about time we got over all of that.

    If we’re to be totally factual, Rob is stretching himself more as an actor. He’s taking on roles that are challenging and unusual. Cronenberg is a HUGE score for him. The critics/Hollywood love this weird director and his equally bizarre movies, so Rob made a smart move on this one.

    I don’t see Taylor getting outside of his comfort zone in terms of the roles he’s choosing. That will make the difference in whether his success lasts for the long term.

    Also, I doubt Rob is upset not to be on the list. LOL The man is too busy working.

  7. I knew clicking this link was a mistake.
    All it is is press from that movie as the article said.
    Look at it objectively
    It’s the only way to stop going in circles with both arguments.

  8. Shirleegirl says:

    You people are ridiculous – don’t you understand that these lists are made to start the sort of discussions you are having now. I am sure that Taylor is on the list because he is more outgoing than Rob is and doesn’t mind being in the limelight; however, that doesn’t make him a better actor. Honestly, the only thing I have seen him in is Twilight and though I liked the books, the movie didn’t do any of the actors any favors. Let Taylor have his moment, there will be minutes, hours, days, months and years for Rob!

  9. chrissie says:

    The list is from May 2011 to April 2012 which excludes almost all Water for Elephants promotion but includes all Abduction promotion. Furthermore, the list takes no note of the fact that Robert Pattinson received a lot of positive accolades and Taylor received a lot of negative accolades. The list is BS and having Jennifer Lopez as number 1 when she can’t even open a movie and lucked out with Pitbull on her CD just shows what a joke this list is.

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