Robert Pattinson in Moviefone Part II

Moviefone has part ii of Robert Pattinson’s interview up. He mostly talks about his upcoming work in Little Ashes, but he also mentions the Taylor Lautner casting controversy.

What was your take on the whole Jacob casting drama? When it was possible that Taylor Lautner wasn’t going to get the part.

It was weird. When I came back, I hadn’t seen him in ages, hadn’t seen him since the summer and when I saw him, I saw him just before he got casted, and he put on like 100 pounds! I was like “Jesus Christ! If he doesn’t get it, it’s ridiculous.” But what are you going to do? There was a video of him on set the other day doing all these kind of fight stunts. That kid is incredible; he is one of the most stunning athletes I’ve ever seen in my life. I don’t know, I think it’ll be interesting. I haven’t seen any of his stuff yet, but everyone’s going a little bit crazy over him.”

Radar Online also just reviewed Little Ashes and this is what they had to say:

“Little Ashes gives him a chance to show his range as Dali, who boomerangs between cocky confidence and insecurity. And not to worry—during the scenes set in the early 20s, Pattinson looks as dashing as ever in suits and slicked-back hair. Overall, Pattinson’s brooding good looks and intensity make the couple’s tortured love affair feel very real—just as they do in Twilight. Be prepared to shed a few tears in this flick!”

Check out full details on Radar Online

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  1. It’s really relieving to see that Taylor is being very dedicated to his role,and very serious with it too.I’m glad he got casted after so much hardwork.It feels good to know that he’s giving his whole potential.

  2. this was a great interview but again all of robs interviews are great because he’s just plain out funny!
    the weird thing is that when asked what else bsides music and acting he might like to do he said a political strategist i don’t know if he was serious or playing around but that’s what pretty much i’m majoring in lol

    anyways is always great to hear or see new interviews from rob 🙂

  3. meloncoke says:

    speaking of taylor. did you all see those pictures with him and selena gomez. that girl is adorable. i wonder if they really are dating?

  4. That was a very good interview.

  5. I am also glad that Taylor continued as Jacob in New Moon. He will be great. I can’t wait for November!!!

  6. I think this links to another interview, does anyone have the right link?

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