Robert Pattinson in Cuffs

Everyone take a moment and get their mind back in PG-13 mode.ย  OK now that you are refocused, Robert Pattinson continues to film Remember Me, an upcoming film for Summit Entertainment, in various locations in and around New York City.

Many of the movies scenes include exterior shots that have been captured by press and fans alike. RadarOnline has the latest one of Rob “being arrested” for the film.

The movie which co-stars Emilie DeRavin and Pierce Brosnan is currently scheduled to premiere on February 12, 2010 just in time for Valentine’s Day.


  1. This must really be a low budget film. Rob is wearing his own jeans and shoes. (The old Nike’s are back). Love to see him anyway and the cuffs are an added bonus. Bring on the shackles, I am your prisoner.

  2. *Drools*

    Robert in handcuffs is probably one of the most sexiest things I have ever seen…

    Hmmm … I had zero sleep last night and I think I need a nap right now that might involve a dream of me arresting Rob ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. twilightgirl68 says:

    Knew this wasn’t for real , Robert is too much of a good guy in real life!! Can’t wait for the movie since I’m also a Pierce Brosnan fan as well !! (^_^)

  4. twilightgirl68 says:

    @ JM , that’s what I was thinking , Robert is wearing his own clothes ! LOL !! They still work for me !!

  5. Mrs.Cullen says:

    Well duh he is.

  6. Kristen! says:

    You scared me when u said he’s in cuffs!!!
    i thought he was arrested!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I know!! I didn’t go R rated for even a second, I just panicked wondering what idiot screwed up & what did they do that got Rob arrested?! Lol. Scary that, the thought of him anywhere near Riker’s Island…. (*shudders*)

  7. Laura G. says:

    Don’t know why, but I find that photo of him extremely hot! :)) Love that he is wearing his own clothes, although it is kinda weird. All in all, he makes a really good “bad-boy” (I know that may sound odd, but I coulnd’t find any way to rephrase that :)))

  8. This will be the best birthday present EVER!!! My bday is 2/12!

  9. i love this picture. i was totally not thinking R rated thoughts though. i like how he looks as a bad guy..

  10. CourtneyCullen says:

    gahhh i love this picture.
    him in cuffs is sooo hott!!!
    -checks pulse-
    and if you don’t remember, rob wore some of his clothes for twilight. so it’s not really that weird.
    plus, i love his black nikes.
    i’m going to go buy a pair:))

  11. I have officially died and gone to heaven.
    (begins breathing again).

  12. Ha! That has got to be one of the best pictures of Rob I’ve ever seen. I mean, MM. LOL. Is it strange that I have a fetish for cute guys being arrested? Maybe. But I’m sure I’m not the only one out there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I can’t wait for the movie to come out!

    • I don’t think I have a fetish for guys gettin’ arrested but… there was little something extra about the picture. He always looks hot but I don’t know. I could seriously make that a wallpaper ^_^

  13. I paniced when i read the title! Rob in cuffs. Hot;)

  14. now that’s a fantasy, Rob + handcuffs = happy Ashley

  15. I read that and totally thought he was being arrested XD ya know why? He’s wearing his own shoes in the picture so I thought it was real XD
    then it said go back to PG-13 I’m like what-OOOOH Robert Pattinson in cuffs… Niiice LMAO
    and of course he’s just filming which is good I guess ๐Ÿ˜›
    Rob arested is cuffs < then rob filming in cuffs < Rob yadda yadda in cuffs LMFAO

  16. AlbertaJenn says:

    Is he playing a bad guy, or just one who got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time?

  17. ScarletRubie says:

    i was like, no he did not get arrested. In my mind i was like….what did he do? Frankly i was thinking DWI or something, LOL.

  18. Maelina says:

    Looking gorgeous.. like always! I too thought at first that he’s filming in his own clothes.. Not that I have anything against the clothes, I love this look! =) I really look forward to Remember Me, not only because of Rob but also because of Lena Olin and Chris Cooper.

  19. OK, love the guy, love the books, love the movies, and all that.

    But really…you all know they are HIS CLOTHES??

    Poor kid. No wonder he gets freaked by his fans.

    • Laura G. says:

      It’s not like someone went through his closet and knows every piece of clothing he has in his wardrobe…it’s just not that really hard to notice that he has those shoes on in almost every picture taken of him just wandering around the city or whatever. As for the clothes…he has the same style since Harry Potter :)) so you can pretty much guess when they are his clothes and whne he is “in costume” ๐Ÿ˜€

      • ScarletRubie says:

        i look at my share of pictures and i wouldn’t have been like “OMG, he’s wearing his clothes!” I don’t pay that much attention to him, not enough to see that many details. I do think it’s odd that some people know what he wears, it’s a little eerie.

        • Laura G. says:

          Maybe it is kinda eerie as you put it, but I don’t think anyone noticed it was his clothes until they read the article: “Wearing his signature black Nike’s, a Yankees cap and jeans, Pattinson is surrounded by usual fanfare on the set.” I know I didn’t. The shoes though i did recognize :))

  20. lol knew this was for his upcoming film… speaking of is there a better synopsis out there for it ?
    He is kinda hot in cuffs *cough cough* hehe

  21. Oh I hope he isn’t honestly a Yankee’s fan…

    • He’s in New York, what baseball team do you expect him to wear? It’s either the Yankees or Mets. Even though he’s probably more interested in foot ball (soccer) and maybe cricket, so what if he is a Yankees fan. Even with their current losing streak the Yanks are still more epic than any baseball team out there.

  22. Nicolle D. says:

    I’m colorblind and can’t read the article!!!!

  23. Twilightdiheart says:

    Rob and cuff-ummm
    @ jm – How can you…uh hum…position your legs properly in shackles? Lose the shackles. However, I have a nice mental of him shackled to my bed like dude in Misery. Don’t worry Rob, I would never do that to you, unless you want me to. ; – )

  24. Twilightdiheart says:

    @ Monica I so see myself as the officer in Lil’ Waynes song and Rob trying to get out of whatever violation he committed. Thanks for some to think of when I go to sleep tonight.

  25. Addicted_to_twilight says:

    Wow..and you really know that??? You must be really a fan of rob..lolz..he looks hot in cuffs

  26. I really love his shoes can’t find them…. anyone who knows the name of the black nikes…. it aren’t the Nike Air Tiempo Rival Premium ID Men’s Soccer Shoe



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