Seattle Art Museum Features Quileute Heritage: The Real Wolf Story

For the next year, there will be a display at the  Seattle Art Museum (SAM) featuring the Quileute Nation and the actual story of how the wolf relates to their tribe. According to their press release:

Opening Celebration Event, August 14, 2010, 1-3 pm

Join us for a performance by the Quileute Nation Drum Circle, celebrating the opening of the exhibition Behind the Scenes: The Real Story of the Quileute Wolves. Organized in conjunction with the Quileute Nation, this exhibition brings together rare, never-before exhibited art works and creates a public forum for the Quileute people to introduce their culture beyond what is depicted in the Twilight books and films. The wolf plays a major role in the cultural beliefs of the Quileute Native Peoples of coastal Washington. According to oral traditions, the first Quileute people were changed from a pair of wolves into human form by the Transformer, Kwati. This creation legend is central to the Quileute world view, and wolf imagery can be viewed throughout the exhibition. “

For more information see the SAM site.

Gil Birmingham Presented Flag

Gil Birmingham was presented a flag by the Quileute Nation by Chairwoman Anna Rose Counsell-Geyer and Vice-Chairman, Lonnie Foster during Quileute Days, on July 17, 2010 after the blessing of the newly opened wolf den.

Check out the Quileute website and Facebook page.

Gil Birmingham to Be Honored at La Push Quileute Days Festival

gilbirminghamGil Birmingham will be honored at the annual Quileute Days Festival in La Push. You can see the entire schedule of events here. The event is open to the public and admission is free.

According to the press release:

“In honor of actor Gil Birmingham’s portrayal of tribal chairman Billy Black and his telling of the legends of the Quileute tribe in the block-buster film Twilight Saga Eclipse, the Quileute Nation has invited him to participate in Quileute Days, Saturday, July 16 at the Akalat Center Grounds. Quileute Days will run Friday through Sunday and will include traditional tribal games, softball games, a parade, vendors and more. The annual event is free to the public.

“We are delighted to welcome Gil to La Push and Quileute Days,” tribal spokeswoman Jackie Jacobs said. “It is an honor to have him join us in this very special celebration of Quileute culture and traditions. How wonderful to have Gil Birmingham, who portrays Council Chairman Billy Black in ‘Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ meet the true Chairwoman Anna Rose Councell-Geyer and the other members of the Quileute Tribal Council.”

On Saturday, Birmingham will join in the festival parade at noon, hold a 3 p.m. autograph session — a $20 contribution is required(proceeds benefit the elders of the Quileute Nation) — and will make a 4 p.m. guest appearance at the Talent Showcase.

“I am truly honored to be invited to the Quileute Nation this weekend as they celebrate their culture and traditions,” said Gil Birmingham (Comanche) from his home in Los Angeles, CA. “In the three Twilight Saga films, I attempted to portray Billy Black and Quileute tribal members with honor and respect. The entire premise of the Twilight books and movies is based on Quileute tribal legends which are deeply rooted in the ancient cultural traditions. It was important to me that the legends, as well as an honest portrayal of modern day Native Americans, come through in the film Eclipse.”

The theme of Quileute Days this year is “History through Our Traditions,” focusing on education about the authentic Quileute history, legends and culture.  Stick games — a traditional betting game — will begin at 6 p.m. Friday and at 3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Also, there will be a Jacob Black and Bella Swan look-alike contest.”

Also the Quileuete Nation just redesigned their website, and it’s stunning! Check out their website here. Don’t forget that the Quileuete Nation has a store with all proceeds benefiting the tribe. If you want authentic Quileute goods, get them right from the source!

Quileuete Nation to the Rescue

Members of the Quileuete Nation played a vital role in saving helicopter crash victims.

“When a Coast Guard helicopter carrying four crew members slammed into the water near the mouth of the Quillayute River on Wednesday, five Quileute fishermen were first on the scene.

The fishermen — Levi Black, Jim Williams, Mark Williams, Charles Sampson and Darryl Penn — jumped into two skiffs and headed straight for the helicopter as soon as they heard the aircraft go down.

They pulled two men who showed few to no vital signs out of the water.

At shore, tribal members performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation while waiting for medics to arrive.

“They are some very brave people,” said Tribal Chairwoman Anna Rose Counsell-Geyer.

For Penn, who is the Quileute Marina harbormaster, it was simply about helping those who have always been their for the fishermen.

“You don’t think, ‘Do I go or not’ — you just go,” Penn said.

“They are always here for us.”

See more in the Pennisula Daily News.

Learn To Draw The Wolfpack Tattoo


So, are you interested in drawing the Wolfpack Tattoo? Here are step-by-step instructions.

Quileute Nation Photo Policy

The Quileute Nation has a photo policy that’s now in effect. It doesn’t affect private citizens so much as it does businesses. What is comes down to more than anything else is just simple respect and common sense. In other words if you are visiting LaPush and taking photos for personal use of scenery, no problem. If you are fortunate enough to be there for a live performance (as with any live performance say in like a Broadway theater) see if photography/video is allowed before firing away. If you see something else that you want a photo of like someone’s private home, people at work on their fishing boats, kids playing (you get the idea) it would be polite to ask first. Lastly, (and we feel stupid saying this, but seemingly people don’t read signs) don’t take photos of clearly marked sacred ground that is marked no admittance!

The reason for the policy is simple. Sometimes photos and videos have ended up being used in not the most respectful of ways or have been mislabeled. For example, an MSN film crew photographed their burial ground (later taken down)which is considered sacred and private. Think about it this way, if you had just buried one of your relatives, would you want their resting place plastered all over the news? The other factor is that the Quileute people don’t want to be misrepresented by people who visit once and decide they know it all. In other words how would you like it if a film crew/author etc. came to your neighborhood and did a documentary and didn’t consult you.

In any case they have an Indian Country Etiquette guideline on their website to help visitors, and below the cut is a more detailed policy regarding filming and the artwork of the Quileute Nation that they consider proprietary in nature so that they have a say in how their nation and culture is represented to the public.
And while we are speaking of the Quileute Nation, why not support their tribe by stopping by their store. [Read more…]

Quileute Nation Opens Tribal Online Store


Tinsel Korey Tweeted about this the other week. The folks over at Quileute Wolfpack reminded us and the Quileute publicity team sent over these images. The Quileute Nation now has started an online store. If you have ever been to La Push there is quite an extensive store with tons of items. Pel regularly wears a necklace that she got there. Check out their items. We’ve seen them first-hand and can attest to the superior craftsmanship and high quality.

Quileute Nation Announces Newly Elected Tribal Council

annaroseAccording to their press release the Quileute Nation has just elected a new tribal council. Chairwoman Hatch finished her leadership position and now Anna Rose Counsell-Geyer is taking her place. Pel had the great pleasure of meeting former Chairwoman Hatch at the Creation Entertainment Official Twilight Convention in Seattle. Though she was soft-spoken, it was obvious that Chairwoman Hatch was respected greatly by her people. At the convention she greeted Twilight fans, taught them some words in Quileute, and invited all to come and see the beauty of La Push.

Here is the press release:

“The Quileute Nation located in La Push, WA is pleased to announce the formation of a newly elected Tribal Council.  The Quileute Tribal Council members are as follows:

Chairwoman:  Anna Rose Counsell-Geyer; Vice-Chair: Lonnie Foster; Secretary: Carol Hatch; Member at Large: Tony Foster and Treasurer: Bonita Cleveland.

“Chairwoman Counsell-Geyer is honored to hold the position of Chair and looks forward to serving the great nation of Quileute,”states Spokesperson Jackie Jacobs.”

The staff of the Twilight Lexicon would like to congratulate Chairwoman Counsell-Geyer, and wishes the Quileute Nation continued blessings and prosperity.

Tinsel Korey Gives Quileuete Children a Christmas Present

This just in from the Quileuete Nation:

“Twilight Saga:New Moon” actress Tinsel Korey who portrays Emily in the franchise gave the Quileute Tribal School students a special “Christmas Treat”.

Each student at the school received a personalized autographed photo from Tinsel on the last day of school before Christmas break.   “Tinsel autographed the photos after her visit in the fall for each student and I wanted to them to receive them for a special occasion, states Jackie Jacobs.  ‘I thought it would be a special treat for them to receive them for Christmas!”

“I was moved to tears when she requested the student list from Stephanie at the front desk of the Tribal School and when she proceeded to write each students name on her photo I actually did cry knowing how much that would to mean to the kids”, says Jacobs.

“The students love Tinsel and this latest gesture is yet another example of the beauty of her spirit”, states Chairwoman Carol Hatch.   Principal Al Zantua said, “This is going to make them very happy, it truly will be a surprise for our kids.’ Thank you Tinsel, for remembering the kids at Quileute.”

In addition to her generosity for the Quileute students, Korey also led a success coat drive to benefit the Navajo community.”

Reelz Channel Profiles the Quileute Nation