Quileute Nation Opens Tribal Online Store


Tinsel Korey Tweeted about this the other week. The folks over at Quileute Wolfpack reminded us and the Quileute publicity team sent over these images. The Quileute Nation now has started an online store. If you have ever been to La Push there is quite an extensive store with tons of items. Pel regularly wears a necklace that she got there. Check out their items. We’ve seen them first-hand and can attest to the superior craftsmanship and high quality.


  1. This would be a great site and I was ready to buy stuff, except for the fact that I can’t read anything on the site except for the tabs to go to places. Everything else, I am assuming is in Quilette. There are also no sizes or anything listed!!!


    • Twilight_News says:

      I’m not sure what you are looking at, but I can see the sizes easily and everything is in English

  2. FINALLY! I was looking for LaPush merchansdise about three years ago and found one T-shirt. This is great!

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