Tsunami Legislation Passes to Help Quileuete Nation

Almost a year ago, you may remember us bringng to your attention the Tsunami legislation that the Quileute Nation was trying to get passed. Well today the publicist for the Quileute Nation brings us great news. The efforts were then echoed by the Native American/First Nations actors in the cast. Well all those phone calls and letters paid off! She writes:

“Today the House of Representatives voted to pass HR1162 the Quileute Tsunami Protection legislation. The Quileute people have been trying to get this legislation to the floor of the House for nearly 50 years. I have attached Senior Congressman Norm Dicks statement that he read on the house floor today and as you will see he references the “Twilight Saga” in the first full paragraph after his introduction.:) An extremely historical moment for the Quileute. “First of all, on behalf of the Quileute Tribe, I would like to personally “Thank” Twilight Lexicon and all the other fan sites who have helped the Quileute people share the important message of the tsunami dangers the tribe faces with the legion of “Twilight” fans. A special “thank you” to all the fans for your support as well. I would especially like to share, our heartfelt appreciation to Tinsel Korey, Gil Birmingham, Kiowa Gordon, Julia Jones, Chaske Spencer, Bronson Pelletier and Alex Meraz for all the social media support they provided the tribe during all the subcommittee hearings on the bill the past year. Please keep the tribe in your thoughts as they prepare for a very critical vote in the Senate.”

The statement read on the House floor is here.

Julia Jones Lends Support To Quileute Nation Move To Higher Ground Quest

We have covered the Quileuete Nation’s ongoing struggle to regain traditional tribal lands to enable them to build out of a Tsunami zone before. Now Julia Jones is lending her voice to the cause.

From the Quileute Nation:

In December 2010, Julia Jones was the “guest of honor” at the annual “Cherish our Children” event in La Push. The fundraiser benefits children from both the Forks and La Push areas during the holiday season. Her appearance resulted in a record setting year for the event.
This year, Julia once again shows her support of the real wolves of La Push by releasing a PSA on behalf of the tribe’s quest to move to higher ground.
Julia references the Quileute Tsunami legislation S636 (the Senate bill) in the PSA. The bill in the House of Reprsentatives is HR1162.

“The Quileute Tribe is so grateful to Julia for taking the time out of her busy schedule to film this PSA”, states Chairwoman Bonita Cleveland.
We are grateful to all the actors who have sent out messages of encouragement and support regarding our legislation. Tinsel Korey, Gil Birmingham, Kiowa Gordan and Alex Meraz have all reached out to the fans and we are so humbled by their efforts. Chaske Spenser submitted a statement to the Senate Commission on Indian Affairs when he appeared before the committee this past year. The fan sites have assisted with getting the message out that our tribe is in desperate need to move to higher ground and time is running out.”

We’ve all seen footage from Thailand and Japan where people have mere moments to react to a Tsunami. Please help by contacting your representatives to let them know how important this legislation is. It could literally be a matter of life or death for the children who attend the tribal school.

The Quileute Nation’s La Push Resort Makes Best of Washington List

This press release just in from the Quileute Nation

Official Best Of is proud to be featuring Washington’s top attractions on The Official Best Of Washington 2011. The Official Best of Washington will be airing in the Seattle market on KING NBC September 10th at 12 noon and in early October on Discovery Channel nationally, as well as on the popular OfficialBestOf.com travel website.

Awarded as The Official Best this year are:

Best Whale Watching Company- Orcas Island Eclipse Charters
Best Family Day Trip- Point Defiance Park
Best Relaxing Getaway- Quileute Oceanside Resort
Best Scenic Restaurant- Crystal Mountain Summit House
Best Golf Resort- The Resort at Port Ludlow
Best Romantic Retreat- The Wild Iris
Best Family Getaway- Grays Harbor
Best Lodge- Heathman Lodge
Best Luxury Hotel- The Davenport Hotel
Best Salon and Day Spa- Salon Rouge
Best Café- The Fountain Café
Best Bakery- The Bread Peddler

The Official Best Of originated in 2006 and has spread to over half of the states across the country. The Official Best Of, based in Hollywood, CA has researchers in Hollywood and other parts of the country that spend at least 2 months per state compiling a collection of the very best attractions and destinations in each given state. Once the research is complete and destinations are chosen in a state, a show is produced and aired. Each state’s show is promoted within that state as well as on a national level.

Each feature is also featured on the OfficialBestOf.com website. One distinction that sets Official Best Of apart from many other travel sites is that it doesn’t accept advertising on either its television programs or its website. The selection of attractions is entirely by merit, and lesser known but worthy attractions are given the same attention as famous ones.

As with each state production, The Official Best of Washington for 2011 will offer a great resource for those planning a vacation, day trip or outing for residents within the State ofWashington as well as out-of-town visitors. Official Best Of is currently working on covering all 50 states. Visit www.OfficialBestOf.com to see the states already featured.

Details on Tinsel Korey and Kiowa Gordon La Push Appearance Released

This press release just in from the Quileute Nation:

Kiowa Gordon who portrays Jacob Black’s best friend “Embry Call” in the Twilight Saga films and Tinsel Korey, who portrays “Emily”, the maternal figure to the wolfpack and Bella’s pal, will be the featured guests for this years annual Quileute Days celebrations.

This will be Gordon’s first visit to La Push, but Korey spent a week with the tribe before filming began on Eclipse in 2009. She gave acting classes at the tribal school and joined a storytelling with Chris Morganroth III on First Beach. In a statement, Korey shared, “I’m really excited to go back to Quileute and see the kids again!”

The festival which celebrates Quileute culture, will kick off Friday with the Quileute Royalty pageant and stick games. The weekend events will feature a parade Saturday at noon, a traditional Salmon Bake, the time-honored stick-games,adult and youth softball tournaments, canoe racing, poker, bingo, and a wolf pack look-a-like contest. A Native nation dance idol contest will be judged by Tinsel, Kiowa and grammy award winning native artist Star Nayea on Saturday evening. There is a family street dance Friday and Saturday nights. E-tribe, a Christian rap group is performing on Saturday. Additionally, there will be a grand fireworks display, and “Twilight” themed events happening throughout the weekend. A raffle for a “Twilight themed basket will be available for $1.00. The annual Quileute Days festival is a wonderful opportunity for “Twilight” fans and Native culture enthusiasts alike to get an exclusive glimpse into traditional Quileute tribal traditions and customs.

Tinsel and Kiowa will be signing autographs on Saturday at the Quileute Tribal office from 2:30-4pm on Saturday. The cost of the autograph is $20.00 for each actor and you have the choice of the following. You can select from their official Twilight Saga:Eclipse head shot, you may take a photo with your personal camera or you may purchase a Quileute days t-shirt to have autographed. Eclipse DVD’s will be available for purchase for $75.00 autographed by both Tinsel and Kiowa.

Chairwoman Bonita Cleveland extends an invitation to all to please join us for this wonderful celebration! “We are delighted to have Tinsel and Kiowa join us and we are equally excited that our canoe families from the Hoh, Quinalt, Qweets and Grand Ronde Tribes will be joining us as well.”

If you are unable to make the event, be sure to check out www.quileute-store.com for one-of-a-kind, authentic Quileute goods!

Washington News Covers the Quileuete Nation Tsunami Concerns

We told you about the concerns the Quileuete Nation has regarding Tsunamis. Anyone who has ever visited La Push can’t but help to have noticed the tsunami evacuation route signage. Now local Washington State news crews are also covering the story.


Tribal Chairwoman Cleveland has asked help from the American public. Cleveland says, “The introduction of the legislation is just the first step. We need the support of the American public to get this legislation passed. Please…contact your legislators and ask them to support the Quileute Tsunami Protection legislation. The Quileute Tribe is grateful for your support.”

The Quileuete Nation Seeks Tsunami Legislation And Needs Your Help

The first time we went to La Push the one thing that struck us were all the tsunami escape route signs that you see. We often think of Tsunamis as something affecting Asia, but they are a very real danger to those living on the Pacific Coast. Residents in California experienced destruction of property from the recent Tsunami as seen in this video. Imagine what would have happened if the quake was in North America and people didn’t have hours to prepare, and the relatively insignificant destruction of property was instead lost human life. In fact, in the year 1700 there was a major quake in the Canadian/US border( estimated 8.0) resulting in a Tsunami that caused mass destruction across the Pacific.

The Quileuete Nation needs your help. They have made a video and have pending legislation to allow them to better defend themselves against threats of nature. Please call your senators and tell them that you support this legislation.

The Quileute Tribe is utilizing a newly released video to assist in educating the public about the tsunami and flooding dangers facing the tribe. Situated along the Pacific Ocean and bordering the Olympic National Park, the members of the tiny one square mile fishing village are placing their hopes of moving to higher ground on the recently filed Quileute Tsunami Protection legislation (HR 1162) introduced on March 17, 2011 by Congressman Norm Dicks and Senator Maria Cantwell (D).

The video is posted on the Quileute Nation website at http://www.quileutenation.org/ and on the tribe’s Youtube page at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYksWOoP9pU.

Chairwoman Bonita Cleveland states, “This video is a very important educational tool for us to share with the public because it shows the urgency and need for the passage of this newly introduced legislation. It will explain the importance of us being able to relocate to higher ground the entire lower village which houses our administrative offices, tribal school, senior center, churches and the US Coast Guard Station that protects Tribal fishermen. It demonstrates the need for the safety of all our tribal members. The only hope the Tribe has to increase the amount of land available for traditional, religious and cultural use, housing and education is for historic Quileute lands held by the federal government to be transferred back to the Tribe.”

The video also shares footage of the Japanese tsunami. Cleveland shares, “Like everyone around the world watching the images on television, it is heart wrenching to see the loss of life and devastation, and the Quileute people’s thoughts are with our brothers and sisters in Japan. We continue to send prayers to everyone impacted by this catastrophe. Sadly, it also emphasizes the urgent and immediate need for the Quileute Tribe to move to higher ground, so we are grateful for the introduction of this critical legislation by Congressman Dicks and Senator Cantwell.”

The video provides significant insight into the many years the tribe has devoted to the quest to attain the lands needed to move to higher ground.

Cleveland says, “The introduction of the legislation is just the first step. We need the support of the American public to get this legislation passed. Please watch these videos and share them with your friends and family and then contact your legislators and ask them to support the Quileute Tsunami Protection legislation. The Quileute Tribe is grateful for your support.”

Quileute Nation Adds New Merchandise to Store

The Quileute Nation has added some new offerings to their store just in time for Christmas. Many of the items feature a photo of James Island, which is the rock formation that many envision as where the cliff diving would have taken place.

Check out the store here.

Julia Jones To Visit LaPush For Charity Event

Julia Jones will be visiting La Push as part of the Quileute Nation’s annual fundraiser that goes towards supporting their youth. So if you are going to be in the Forks area for the Eclipse release, consider getting your DVD at LaPush and helping out a great cause at the same time.

According to the Peninsula Daily News:

“Jones, who is making the appearance on the night of the release of the “Eclipse” DVD, will sign autographs for a fee to raise money for the charity, said tribal spokeswoman Jackie Jacobs.

Cherish Our Children, an auction to raise money to buy holiday gifts for needy children, starts at 5 p.m., and Jones will sign autographs from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the A-ka-lat center in LaPush.

The charity divides money between the Quileute Housing Authority and Forks Santa’s Workshop, which both give presents to children in need.

“We are thrilled that Julia Jones is joining us for the Cherish our Children event this year,” the Quileute Tribal Council said in a statement.

“During this season of giving, she exemplifies the meaning of giving back, and we give thanks for her generosity . . . Quileute Tribal Council thanks Summit Entertainment and Julia Jones for truly making this a cherished ‘Twilight’ event,” the council said.”

See more details on the Peninsula Daily News.

Remember also that if you want authentic goods from the tribe, you can buy them from the online tribal shop.

Blowout Sale at the Quileuete Nation Store

This just in from the Quileute Nation:

The Quileute Nation and the Quileute Store are excited to announce a liquidation sale on Quileute Days Gear. Prices on 2009 Quileute Days t-shirts are cut more than 50% while supplies last (prices exclude shipping and handling). Quileute Days is the annual festival celebrating Quileute culture and heritage, held in Late July.

Attendees of past festivals include Tinsel Korey (Emily) in 2009, and Gil Birmingham (Billy Black) in 2010.

Supplies are limited, so hurry to http://www.quileute-store.com to purchase your t-shirt now! The shirts can be found under the link for “Quileute Days Gear.”One of the four styles of shirts is pictured to the left.

While at the Quileute Store, also be sure to check out other authentic Quileute and “Twilight Saga” inspired merchandise!

We are also thrilled to be presenting for sale 2010 Quileute Days t-shirts! The shirt’s back design portrays a traditional Quileute dancer designed by Quileute local artist and carver, Dave Jackson, Jr. Quantities and sizes are limited, so be sure to check out our new offerings today!

Quileute Nation Members on Museum Display Opening

The Seattle Art Museum (SAM) will have a display about the Quileute Nation up for the next year. The Quileute Nation elders wanted the full story of their people out so that the fictionalized account in Twilight was not the only version readily seen by the public.

“A runaway sensation in the wider world, the “Twilight” saga has had little impact on some here. When asked about the movies and books, David Hudson, the tribe’s traditional chief, wrinkles his brow as if at a faraway noise.

“We live our culture here,” Hudson said. “We have our ocean, clams, smelt. Halibut. The woods are at our back door, with elk, cedar, bear and deer for our carving and regalia and our food. Our songs are our identity, and we can sing for hours and hours.”

Fog cruises in from the vast Pacific as he talks; the sea stacks and James Island just offshore ease in and out of view. Songs and drums boom out the door of the community center. Over at the downtown dock, tribal fishermen brought in so much halibut, they are giving it away.

“That is what we mean by rich,” Hudson says.”

The overall reception of Twilight is a mixed bag. See more at the Seattle Times.