Gil Birmingham to Be Honored at La Push Quileute Days Festival

gilbirminghamGil Birmingham will be honored at the annual Quileute Days Festival in La Push. You can see the entire schedule of events here. The event is open to the public and admission is free.

According to the press release:

“In honor of actor Gil Birmingham’s portrayal of tribal chairman Billy Black and his telling of the legends of the Quileute tribe in the block-buster film Twilight Saga Eclipse, the Quileute Nation has invited him to participate in Quileute Days, Saturday, July 16 at the Akalat Center Grounds. Quileute Days will run Friday through Sunday and will include traditional tribal games, softball games, a parade, vendors and more. The annual event is free to the public.

“We are delighted to welcome Gil to La Push and Quileute Days,” tribal spokeswoman Jackie Jacobs said. “It is an honor to have him join us in this very special celebration of Quileute culture and traditions. How wonderful to have Gil Birmingham, who portrays Council Chairman Billy Black in ‘Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ meet the true Chairwoman Anna Rose Councell-Geyer and the other members of the Quileute Tribal Council.”

On Saturday, Birmingham will join in the festival parade at noon, hold a 3 p.m. autograph session — a $20 contribution is required(proceeds benefit the elders of the Quileute Nation) — and will make a 4 p.m. guest appearance at the Talent Showcase.

“I am truly honored to be invited to the Quileute Nation this weekend as they celebrate their culture and traditions,” said Gil Birmingham (Comanche) from his home in Los Angeles, CA. “In the three Twilight Saga films, I attempted to portray Billy Black and Quileute tribal members with honor and respect. The entire premise of the Twilight books and movies is based on Quileute tribal legends which are deeply rooted in the ancient cultural traditions. It was important to me that the legends, as well as an honest portrayal of modern day Native Americans, come through in the film Eclipse.”

The theme of Quileute Days this year is “History through Our Traditions,” focusing on education about the authentic Quileute history, legends and culture.  Stick games — a traditional betting game — will begin at 6 p.m. Friday and at 3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Also, there will be a Jacob Black and Bella Swan look-alike contest.”

Also the Quileuete Nation just redesigned their website, and it’s stunning! Check out their website here. Don’t forget that the Quileuete Nation has a store with all proceeds benefiting the tribe. If you want authentic Quileute goods, get them right from the source!


  1. Oh I wish I was close enough to go….it sounds amazing.

    • I’m wishing the same thing. I want to see Gil in person to. I feel that played excellent role of Billy Black. I like the part when he told the story of the Quileutes past of having magic in their blood. Gil had spoken in the movie as actually Tribal Chairman and even Chief. 🙂

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  3. That sounds like so much fun, I wish I could go. I have been to a couple of Native American events and they are always entertaing and informative. I noticed they aren’t having an Edward Cullen look alike contest. LOL I guess even look alikes are banned from La Push.

  4. What a great honor…as always ” Keepin it Real” Gil..

  5. SO sorry to miss this. Me and my family were just in La Push last weekend.

    Hope it goes well.

  6. wish i was close enough to go too…. i appreciate every indian out there…!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. Im really proud of all our tribes when they get a pow pow going its so awsome.We have our pow pow this month its called the julyamise.its the 23 to 25 it on the washington and Idaho borader.And i met Irene there and got my picture taken with her she plays in alot of Indian movies.we had amovie made on our rezavatino It wa called Smoke Signals.

  8. Deborah Clark says:

    My children and I went to La Push on our way back from Pacific Beach…had a coffee at Jakes Java…the lady there was amazing…loved seeing your beautiful rez…quite different from the ones up here in Canada..thank you!

    Congratulations Gil..more than deserving

  9. I would so love to go to this Event, the stories and traditions about Native Americans would be so fasinating to know. I hope they do good on the Event. Love seeing Gil playing Billy Black in The Twilight Saga Movies.


  10. beateriz says:

    me encanta ver crepusculo es super

  11. My daughter and I met him today! Got autographs and a photo taken with him. What a nice man. He was very sweet and attentive to my 12 y.o. We enjoyed the parade and
    Craft booths too. The scenery in La Push was beautiful and the people were all very welcoming. The folks in Forks were great too. Got lots of photos of Twilight stuff there.

  12. Love twilight 4ever.

  13. your the best actor, you know what you deserve it, i think your hot.

  14. GothicTiger says:

    Via Gil’s Authenticated Twitter account.

    They have the same date typo, as it says Saturday the 16th, when today, Friday, is.

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