Tinsel Korey Gives Quileuete Children a Christmas Present

This just in from the Quileuete Nation:

“Twilight Saga:New Moon” actress Tinsel Korey who portrays Emily in the franchise gave the Quileute Tribal School students a special “Christmas Treat”.

Each student at the school received a personalized autographed photo from Tinsel on the last day of school before Christmas break.   “Tinsel autographed the photos after her visit in the fall for each student and I wanted to them to receive them for a special occasion, states Jackie Jacobs.  ‘I thought it would be a special treat for them to receive them for Christmas!”

“I was moved to tears when she requested the student list from Stephanie at the front desk of the Tribal School and when she proceeded to write each students name on her photo I actually did cry knowing how much that would to mean to the kids”, says Jacobs.

“The students love Tinsel and this latest gesture is yet another example of the beauty of her spirit”, states Chairwoman Carol Hatch.   Principal Al Zantua said, “This is going to make them very happy, it truly will be a surprise for our kids.’ Thank you Tinsel, for remembering the kids at Quileute.”

In addition to her generosity for the Quileute students, Korey also led a success coat drive to benefit the Navajo community.”


  1. Judy Bradley says:

    An instance where beauty is much more than skin deep! Thanks from one of your fans!

  2. how nice! gotta love when something so simple means so much, it goes to show too that its the thought that counts, not how much money something is, and what not.

  3. That was so nice of her. She is a real Emily.

  4. beautiful inside and out.

  5. She is so kind! I think it is so special that she takes so much intrest in the kids at Quileute. I think it’s so cool that she is so interested in the heratige of the character she plays. Keep it up!

  6. She is gorgeous <3


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