Taylor Lautner Describes The Imprinting Process

Reelz channel is teasing us again with their coverage of Breaking Dawn: The Beginning of the end by giving us a look at their interview with Taylor Lautner and how he dealt with the imprinting scene.

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Win Autographed Copy of Soundtrack from Reelz Channel

Reelz Channel wants to know how you plan on celebrating the released of Breaking Dawn Part 1.  Visit their site and fill out the entry form for your change to win their prize pack.

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Reelz Channel Favorite Twilight Actor/Character and Six Degrees Games

Reelz Channel has a game going where you can rank your favorite Twilight actor/character. At the time we are writing this the top three ranks are held by Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Ashley Greene.

Check it out on Reelz.

Reelz Channel has also launched another set of games that’s like a six degrees of separation thing. They wrote in to tell us that, ” We have a special challenge for Twilight fans and we hope you will share it with your viewers. The new ReelzChannel Facebook app, ClusterFlick, allows players to put the concept of six degrees of separation to the test using movie and celebrity information.”

One of the challenges is to try to find the David Slade and Bill Condon connection within six moves.

Check it out here.

Urgent! Reelz Channel Needs Your Questions For Noel Fisher (AKA Vladimir)

Reelz Channel wrote in to tell us that:

“ReelzChannel will be interviewing Breaking Dawn’s Vladimir of the Romanian coven, actor Noel Fisher, and we wanted to give fans a chance to get in on the Q&A.

Fisher, who also has a role in the upcoming Battle: Los Angeles and is known for his appearances on The Riches and Shameless television series, will be speaking to Hollywood Dailies correspondent Stephanie Simmons tomorrow afternoon.

So if you’ve got a question for Vladimir/Fisher, post it in the comments on Reelz Channel before dawn breaks on Tuesday.”

Reelz Channel: Top Ten Movie Franchises

Reelz Channel has a poll up to determine the top ten movie franchises of all time.

Head over to Reelz Channel and get Twilight up in the chart!

Reelz Channel Opens New Facebook

Reelz Channel has been a pretty big Twilight supporter since the beginning. In fact met them the day Catherine Hardwicke described in the Twilight Director’s Notebook as “my worst day of filming ever”. We were on the beach with them in Portland the day of our set visit with some of the worst weather ever.

Reelz Channel is now opening their own Facebook page and they want to get the word out. They wrote in to say: “In an effort to promote our new Facebook page, we are running monthly, general and fan based sweepstakes through the end of 2011.  Our current sweepstakes is for Free Movies.  For every 100 fans we increase, we will draw a fan at random to win a $25 Fandango Gift Card.

The link to the Facebook page is: http://www.facebook.com/MovieTrailersbyReelz

They also told us they have other giveaways planned in the future.

Reelz Channel: Top Ten Movies With a Bite

The entire Twilight Saga comes in in the number 1 position.

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Reelz Channel – Gearing up for Twilight

Twilight’s Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning talk about their friendship in The Runaways

Eclipse Movie | The Runaways | Dakota Fanning | Kristen Stewart | Summer Movies 2010

Twilight’s Jackson Rathbone talks about his work in The Last Airbender and Peter Facinelli talks about getting into character.

Eclipse Movie | The Last Airbender | Peter Facinelli | Jackson Rathbone | Summer Movies 2010

Twilight’s Robert Pattinson talks about his role in Remember Me

Eclipse | Remember Me | Robert Pattinson | ReelzChannel Spotlight | Movie Trailers

Reelz Channel Trailer Analysis

Reelz Channel is chiming in with their thoughts on the final trailer for The Twilight Saga: Eclispe.  They take it scene by scene and very nearly frame by frame.  The commentary is rather quirky and somewhat snarky with lots of little bits that made me laugh such as: “From the worldwide bestseller” appears on screen, y’know, just in case you didn’t know the movie was based on a book.

Reelz Channel Giveaway

The folks over at Reelz Channel are giving away five copies of The Twilight Saga: New Moon DVD.  You can enter their contest once a day until March 19th when they announce their winners.  Head over to their site for all the details and the chance to win!