Tinsel Korey Vancouver Bound After la Push Visit

This in from the Quileute Nation:

“Tinsel Korey who portrays Emily in the Twilight Saga:New Moon leaves the Quileute Nation today to begin filming Eclipse in Vancouver.  Korey spent a week on the Quileute reservation in LA Push, WA teaching acting classes for the K-12 Tribal School and raising funds for the school with an appearance on First Beach with legendary Quileute Elder Chris Morganroth.

The character Emily is actually from the Makah tribe, so Korey also traveled to Neah Bay to speak with the youth and Elders of the Makah Nation.  Tinsel was welcomed by the Makah with an honoring ceremony and given a flag to their nation.

“In true native tradition, she is doing what our ancestors & elders have taught us to do for centuries” states Chairwoman Carol Hatch, “Tinsel is giving back and sharing her gifts and talents with our Native youth.”

“Tinsel now knows were Emily and the “Wolf Boys” live and has walked the shores of First Beach, she can take that spiritual energy with her to the set.” states Quileute publicist Jackie Jacobs.

“Tinsel is bringing awareness to the real Quileute and Makah Nations.  That is very honorable, generous and respectful.  She is alway “Welcome” to come back anytime.”

Tinsel Korey To Visit La Push

This just in from the Quileute Nation:

““Twilight Saga: New Moon” Actress Tinsel Korey to share her talents with Quileute Youth

The Quileute Tribe featured in Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight Saga: New Moon” welcomes actress Tinsel Korey to La Push September 8th.  Tinsel is conducting acting workshops at the Tribal School for ages 4-25.   “In true native tradition, she is doing what our ancestors & elders have taught us to do for centuries” states Chairwoman Carol Hatch, “Tinsel is giving back and sharing her gifts and talents with our Native youth.”

Tinsel Korey has been performing since she can remember; she always knew she wanted to be an entertainer. Tinsel recalls: “I remember when I first started labeling my acting tapes – I named them ‘Tinsel’s quest for stardom’. Now, I name them ‘Tinsel’s quest for acting excellence”.

Tinsel has worked on numerous films and television shows, from Steven Spielberg’s mini-series “Into the West”, Scott Frank’s feature thriller “The Lookout”, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and acting opposite Adam Beach in the CTV MOW “Luna: The Way Home”. Ending off 2008 with a lead role on an Insight Film entitled “Wyvern”, playing a neo-fem action character name Vinyl Hampton.

An artist to the core, Tinsel holds great pride in her work and breaking casting stereotypes. She began 2009 by landing the role of Emily Young in the “Twilight Saga”; and is very excited to be working with such a talented cast and brilliant directors.

“I think it is fantastic”, states Al Zantua, Quileute Tribal School Principal, “for her to reach out to the kids after reaching that level of notoriety is inspiring and remarkable. Our kids are pretty excited!”

“We are thrilled to host the 2nd Actor from the Twilight Saga to visit La Push”, states Jackie Jacobs, Quileute Tribal Publicist.  “Solomon Trimble visited the Quileute Nation in July during the Quileute Days Celebration and now to share the shores of First Beach with Tinsel Korey is quite a treat. I am humbled by Tinsel Korey’s generosity and graciousness.  I am confident Tinsel’s contributions will have a lasting impression on our youth, but I am just as certain that the hospitality of this beautiful nation and beauty and magic that is La Push, will have a lasting impact on her as well”.

Tinsel will be making an appearance on First Beach with Quileute Storyteller Chris Morganroth, September 12th and will be available for an autograph session at the conclusion of the storytelling event.”

Solomon Trimble at Quileute Days

Solomon Trimble took part in the annual Quileute Days performing a traditional dance and answering questions for visitors and Twilight fans.

[Solomon]…joined a group of 45 dancers and singers from the Quileute, Quinault and North Star tribes in a 2 ½-hour cultural arts program. He wore black shorts with a red and white cape gown, and carried a decorative wolf headpiece in the ceremonial dance ‘Into our home’.

“We are honored to have you into our home,” said Sonny Woodruff, who organized the dance with tribal vice chairwoman Bonita Cleveland. After the dance, Trimble gave Cleveland a robe he received from his mother.

“My mom said you have to give it back to me in 50 years when you’re done with it,” Trimble said.

“I did not expect anything like that,” Cleveland said of Trimble’s gift. “I feel very honored.”

As part of the Quileute’s tradition of returning a gift with another gift, Cleveland gave Trimble a robe depicting an eagle and a whale.”

Read the full account here.

Cliff Diving: Don’t Try This At Home, Kids

We feel really, really stupid saying this, but for the love of Pete, don’t try cliff diving at La Push, or for that matter don’t try to attempt to get to the islands off-shore where there are cliffs.  Jacob and pack are not on hand to save you when it goes bad. For everyone’s sake let’s respect the Quileute lands and use basic common sense. We don’t think there is any kind of mass psychosis that is causing hoards of Twilight fans to lose perspective, but please be aware that the waters off La Push are incredibly rough and unpredictable. check the picture to the left and you can see the waves and current.

Apparently the following occurred at La Push:

“There was a full scale US Coast Guard rescue operation conducted in La Push, WA on Tuesday, July 14, 2009 in La Push, WA.  A Twilight fan visiting Quileute from Georgia was rescued from an Island they surmised could be the location where the main character Bella Swan goes cliff diving in the 2nd book of the Twilight Saga New Moon.

Chairwoman Carol Hatch released the following statement following the incident.

The Quileute Nation has been very welcoming of all visitors to La Push, but does not condone behavior that could result in bodily harm to anyone visiting this beautiful land.   We understand the eagerness of fans to seek out every detail that is part of the story, but please remember this is a work of fiction.

The Quileute Tribe appreciates the professional service of the Coast Guard.”

This was one lucky fan. Thanks God there is a US Coast Guard Station right there, but let’s not field test their rescue skills unnecessarily!

EDITED: It was apparently a 22-year-old man from Georgia. Not that guys aren’t Twilight fans, but is this striking anyone else as odd? We are starting to wonder if there is much more here than meets the eye.

Quileute Days Has Special Guest

According to their press release, the Quileute Nation will have actor Solomon Trimble on hand for the annual Quileute Days celebration.

TWILIGHT actor, Solomon Trimble, who portrayed Sam Uley in Stephenie Meyer’s mega- hit, will be the special guest of The Quileute Nation of La Push, WA during their annual Quileute Days celebration July 17-19 2009.

Solomon Trimble (Mescalero Apache, Lakota) has been a traditional Native American Grass Dancer since the age of 3.  Twilight was his cinematic debut.

He served as a cultural consultant for a few films by Oregon Public Broadcasting in association with PBS.

Stephenie Meyer’s comments about Solomon:

“It was pretty amazing. I looked up and did a double take. “Aren’t you…Sam?” I asked. Solomon laughed and agreed that he was. He had a couple of technical werewolf questions for me (ex. “Can werewolves phase underwater?” Answer: Yes) and I tried to control my enthusing. Solomon was super friendly and interesting, and though he looks awesome on film, he’s even more incredible in person. His features are just so stunning!”

Twilight fans are encouraged to attend and enjoy a photo op with Solomon Trimble on First Beach!

The Quileute Tribe extends a cordial welcome to all to join them for their celebration of cultural heritage and modern lifestyle.  Guests will enjoy a traditional Salmon bake, Quileute arts and crafts, dancing and songs, adult and youth softball tournaments, parade and a fireworks display.

All inquiries regarding this release and/or the Quileute Nation may be directed to Jackie Jacobs at jj@jtalentgroup.com or 206-388-9200. www.quileutenation.org

Quileute Nation Hires PR Professional

We just received the follwoing press release:

The Quileute Tribe of LaPush, WA has retained the services of Jackie Jacobs of JTalentgroup as Tribal Publicist.  Due to the increasing interest and attention cast on the tribe from the popularity of the Twilight books by Stephanie Meyer, it was necessary to seek the services of a professional Public Relations firm.

“It was important for us to partner with a Native based organization that we feel identifies with and respects our core values of “Respect our land/Protect our culture,” but who also understands that we appreciate and want to make welcome people from all around the world seeking information about our people and land.” We feel we have achieved that partnership with Jackie Jacobs, states Tribal Chairwoman, Carol Hatch.

Jackie Jacobs is the founder and principal of JTalentgroup, a Seattle based Native owned full service entertainment agency specializing in Public Relations, Marketing Consulting and Talent Management services.  Jackie is an enrolled member of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina.

“I am honored to work with the Quileute Nation and look forward to assisting them with sharing their cultural identity and heritage with the world.   The Twilight Saga has put them in the  International spotlight and afforded them the opportunity to share their own stories, dances, food and other traditions passed down from generation to generation” states Jackie Jacobs.

The Quileute Nation lies along the shores of the Pacific coast and the mouth of the Quillayute River in Washington State and tourism to the area and the local town of Forks, WA has increased substantially since the release of the film Twilight and is expected to break tourism records this summer that will continue with the release of the sequel New Moon on November 20, 2009.

All inquiries regarding the Quileute Nation may be directed to Jackie Jacobs at jj@jtalentgroup.com or 206-388-9200.

Deadbolt features Quileute Legends

The Deadbolt discusses Native American lore and Quileute legends and how they play an important role in the Twilight saga – both in the books and the films.  Read the full story here.

“What’s different about how the legend and lore play out in New Moon with regard to the actual transformation, as compared to other werewolf based stories and films, is that it goes well beyond the visual transformation to a intriguing human level of emotion.”