Vampire Baseball Pictures Are Up

Our favorite blogger, Maggie, who at this point has done so much cool stuff that were losing count (worked on the set of Twilight, was at the UK premiere, obtained the non-actor panels at TwiCon…)was the official photographer for the Vampire Baseball event in Portland. She’s now been given the go ahead to release the photos.

Check it all out on Maggie’s blog.

Blogger Maggie: Post Twicon Musings

Maggie posted her part one and her part two and now we are up to the next segment with another promised. Maggie muses:

“I’m also realizing that the fandom is a lot of fun, smart, influential and interesting, but I think I really get my kicks from the film making, and the development process. This is an interesting tangent and I do hope I might be able to run my own event in the future or something… but that may be a back-up. I think I’m more inclined towards the film creation, adaptation, development and marketing than I am to the offshoots of the piece. I think I’m more interested in the adaptation… not the retranslations and interpretations of the adaptation, if that makes sense… Hmm… I’m still figuring all of this out, can you tell?

It’s certainly been interesting, educational and eye-opening for me. I hope it has for the partners as well, and the fans had a good time overall, despite the hiccups. Hmm… still pondering, waxing and wondering… we’ll see!”

Day 2 TwiCon: Blogger Maggie Checks In

Maggie, one of our favorite bloggers who worked on the first Twilight movie, is back with her summary of TwiCon Day 2. Maggie was the person along with her committee who got all the speakers today from the fanfic writers to the music industry people.

Maggie is pictured far right along with Dano from the Lexicon, and Kassie & Kallie from Twilight Series Theories.

Maggie writes:

“TwiCon Day Two: Oh girl… so this was my big day. For some reason, the organizers of TwiCon decided to put ALL of the academic programing and panels on the same day. There was simply too much going on. Granted I approved what I set forward, but of course I didn’t realize there’d be a massive line for Christian Serratos’s autograph and tickets for the 100 Monkeys concert, plus insanely popular informal programming sessions like Alice’s Makeover Room, and Jasper’s Relaxation Room, so it was manic.!”

Check out the rest on her blog.

Blogger Maggie Visits View Point Inn

Maggie, our favorite blogger who worked on the Twilight set, recently had a chance to visit the View Point Inn, the filming site of the prom scene in Twilight. Maggie’s been in and around the Portland area lately. She was the official photographer for the Vampire Baseball event sponsored by Twilight FanTrips.

So take a look at Maggie’s blog as she describes the dining extravaganza at View Point Inn.

Also, if you want a vampire baseball jersey and didn’t get one because they sold out in record time, you can now get one! Click here for details!

You can also catch Maggie later this month at TwiCon where she organized the non-actor panel discussions (AKA informal programming).

Vampire Baseball: Maggie’s Report

Our favorite blogger, Maggie (who was on the set of Twilight), took part in the Vampire Baseball event in Portland yesterday. As usual Maggie’s blog makes you feel like you were there, and she’s promising pictures in the future.

“I was rather floored at how good they were. It wasn’t just connecting with the ball, they were hitting them way out, catching and throwing like pros… dang these people and their multiple talents!

The players were split into two teams: The Veggie Vampires Dances with Wolves (Peter’s team), and Portland Purple People Eaters (Rachelle’s team)…they came up with their own names. You’d have to ask them. The game was great. Everyone was having a good time, but obviously still competitive, and played wicked well. I was most impressed with Catherine Grimme… that girl is good!

There were lots of antics- a mock fight between the boys over a bad call, Rachelle replacing Peter with another pitcher as she didn’t like his throws- and some fun effects too. There was a bit in the second inning where Catherine[the six-year-old who played young Bella] took a hit and immediately was called ‘safe’, seemingly without running around the bases, so she looked like she had vampire speed! Really we filmed it the day before and Tyler sped it up with effects, but it looked great!”

Check out the rest of Maggie’s write up here! Kudos to all the stars and fansites who came out on July 4th to particpate in a fun event that helped to raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation!

Montepulciano Preview

Blogger Maggie is back with her report on Montepulciano. She’s describes the city, scouts some possible locations, and has fabulous pictures.

“I made my father pull over at one point so I could get a picture from the road as we approached the city, as I’m sure it’ll be an establishing shot in New Moon. The city sits on top of a hill and while it’s gorgeous in hues of orange, red and brown amongst the greenery, it is rather ominous and forbidding. That’s the point of these hill-fort towns though, to protect them against invaders and be forbidding; that’s precisely what Montepulciano does. It certainly ‘sets the scene.”

Get the rest on Maggie’s blog.