Blogger Maggie: Post Twicon Musings

Maggie posted her part one and her part two and now we are up to the next segment with another promised. Maggie muses:

“I’m also realizing that the fandom is a lot of fun, smart, influential and interesting, but I think I really get my kicks from the film making, and the development process. This is an interesting tangent and I do hope I might be able to run my own event in the future or something… but that may be a back-up. I think I’m more inclined towards the film creation, adaptation, development and marketing than I am to the offshoots of the piece. I think I’m more interested in the adaptation… not the retranslations and interpretations of the adaptation, if that makes sense… Hmm… I’m still figuring all of this out, can you tell?

It’s certainly been interesting, educational and eye-opening for me. I hope it has for the partners as well, and the fans had a good time overall, despite the hiccups. Hmm… still pondering, waxing and wondering… we’ll see!”


  1. I was at TwiCon, and I completely agree with Maggie’s assessment of the event.

    I had a lot of fun meeting some of my online friends, but there was so much confusion and chaos that everyone was stressed.

    When a 60 minute Q & A with the cast (and let’s face it, that’s who most people came to see) was booked and then cut to only 20 minutes because another event was held in the same space immediately prior to the Q & A, that’s just plain lack of planning.

    Event planners and organizers do just that–they plan and organize, and think schedules through. Sure, you’re always going to have glitches arise, but you don’t construct a schedule to maximize conflicts and confusion.

  2. I’m sorry, but I have very few positive things to say about TwiCon. The meet and Greet was totally screwed up. My best friend only came to meet Kellan, and he didn’t make it to our table because once again it started late, and they ended it on time. This is after promising every star would make it to every table. Billy Burke only made it to ours for 30 seconds.

    Also, when people started getting in line for autographs when they shouldn’t, the people at TwiCon said there was nothing they could do about it. Basically the people waiting patiently like the should have wouldn’t get the spot in line they deserved, because TwiCon wouldn’t enforce their rules.

    The 100 Monkeys concert was cut short because ONE fan got on the stage. Doesn’t it make more sense to just take that fan out rather then punish everyone?