Twilight Monte Carlo Sign Up For Auction

As Twilight trivia fans know, the prom in the movie version of Twilight had a Monte Carlo theme and it was shot at The View Point Inn in Corbett, Oregon.

The View Point In was severely damaged by fire last year. There has been a lot of press coverage coming out of the Portland area that chronicle everything from allegations of owner mismanagement, negligence regarding unpaid insurance, to issues with the former owner erecting a poster of himself semi-naked in a Christ-like pose blaming the government for no one wanting to help a rebuild under his leadership. In any case the historic building went in to bankruptcy proceedings, has now been removed from the former owners’ hands, and is now in the hands of a trustee.

At the time of the time of the fire the inn had a significant number of props/set pieces that were left over from the filming. As they don’t really have historic significance as far a a building commission would be concerned, it’s not surprising to see them cropping up at auction.

The Monte Carlo sign is now up on EBay. TY to Jack Morrissey for the tip.

As our astute commenters have pointed out, it pays to read the fine print! Apparently they are auctioning a single light bulb and not the sign itself!

View Point Inn Facing Serious Allegations Regarding Back Wages

Additionally the Portland Business Journal reports that, “Geoff Thompson filed for bankruptcy in late June to prevent the inn from being sold in a foreclosure auction. An accidental fire on July 10 shuttered the inn and forced dozens of brides and grooms to seek alternate accommodations for their summer weddings.

Thompson filed under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, which allows debtors to reorganize and continue to operate.

Thompson’s attorney, Ted Trautman, confirmed Wednesday that he will convert the case to Chapter 7, which means his assets will be liquidated and distributed among creditors.”

Fire at View Point Inn Officially Ruled as Accidental

The View Point Inn, where the prom scene from Twilight was filmed, suffered a devastating fire yesterday. ( See previous coverage )It was the second fire to befall the landmark, the first in 2008. The owners had filed for bankruptcy earlier in the month and they expressed concern in news reports that  people might think the fire was deliberate. Investigators have now ruled it a tragic accident:

“A two-alarm fire Sunday afternoon that heavily damaged the historic View Point Inn started with sparks from the fireplace igniting the cedar shakes on the roof, according to Tom Layton of Multnomah County Fire District 14.

Crews called in a second alarm to battle a fire at the View Point Inn, in Corbett, Sunday afternoon.

The fire broke out at the popular hotel and restaurant, at 40301 E. Larch Mountain Road, around 12:15 p.m., according to dispatchers.

Witnesses told KGW a couple eating at the restaurant spotted the fire and alerted the owner. When initial attempts to extinguish it failed, crews were called in.”

See more at NWCN

View Point Inn Catches Fire Again: Possible Total Loss

The View Point Inn is where the prom scene from the first twilight movie was shot. This is the second time the hotel (which filed for bankruptcy) has had a fire in recent memory.

Information on the first fire here.

Blogger Maggie Visits View Point Inn

Maggie, our favorite blogger who worked on the Twilight set, recently had a chance to visit the View Point Inn, the filming site of the prom scene in Twilight. Maggie’s been in and around the Portland area lately. She was the official photographer for the Vampire Baseball event sponsored by Twilight FanTrips.

So take a look at Maggie’s blog as she describes the dining extravaganza at View Point Inn.

Also, if you want a vampire baseball jersey and didn’t get one because they sold out in record time, you can now get one! Click here for details!

You can also catch Maggie later this month at TwiCon where she organized the non-actor panel discussions (AKA informal programming).