Vampire Baseball: Maggie’s Report

Our favorite blogger, Maggie (who was on the set of Twilight), took part in the Vampire Baseball event in Portland yesterday. As usual Maggie’s blog makes you feel like you were there, and she’s promising pictures in the future.

“I was rather floored at how good they were. It wasn’t just connecting with the ball, they were hitting them way out, catching and throwing like pros… dang these people and their multiple talents!

The players were split into two teams: The Veggie Vampires Dances with Wolves (Peter’s team), and Portland Purple People Eaters (Rachelle’s team)…they came up with their own names. You’d have to ask them. The game was great. Everyone was having a good time, but obviously still competitive, and played wicked well. I was most impressed with Catherine Grimme… that girl is good!

There were lots of antics- a mock fight between the boys over a bad call, Rachelle replacing Peter with another pitcher as she didn’t like his throws- and some fun effects too. There was a bit in the second inning where Catherine[the six-year-old who played young Bella] took a hit and immediately was called ‘safe’, seemingly without running around the bases, so she looked like she had vampire speed! Really we filmed it the day before and Tyler sped it up with effects, but it looked great!”

Check out the rest of Maggie’s write up here! Kudos to all the stars and fansites who came out on July 4th to particpate in a fun event that helped to raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation!