Day 2 TwiCon: Blogger Maggie Checks In

Maggie, one of our favorite bloggers who worked on the first Twilight movie, is back with her summary of TwiCon Day 2. Maggie was the person along with her committee who got all the speakers today from the fanfic writers to the music industry people.

Maggie is pictured far right along with Dano from the Lexicon, and Kassie & Kallie from Twilight Series Theories.

Maggie writes:

“TwiCon Day Two: Oh girl… so this was my big day. For some reason, the organizers of TwiCon decided to put ALL of the academic programing and panels on the same day. There was simply too much going on. Granted I approved what I set forward, but of course I didn’t realize there’d be a massive line for Christian Serratos’s autograph and tickets for the 100 Monkeys concert, plus insanely popular informal programming sessions like Alice’s Makeover Room, and Jasper’s Relaxation Room, so it was manic.!”

Check out the rest on her blog.


  1. random question that just hit me. Was QUIL not cast in NEW MOON?

    • I was curious also, so I looked it up in, it says that Tyson Houseman plays Quil. But this seems to be his first movie, I wonder why we haven´t seen a picture of him…??? Ro 🙂

  2. Nancy, bellarocks says

    You rock, Maggie!!

  3. AlbertaJenn says

    Tyson is from my hometown. If you Google him, you can see some pics. He is keeping a low profile, not doing much Twi-related.

  4. Maggie, Your panels were amazing, I wish I could have attended more of them. I really loved Anita Wheeler’s stories of Quiluette legends. She’s such a good sport helping us weed through what stories in Twilight are purely fictional and which ones have some basis in actual legends. Good job on all your hard work Maggie. Thanks Lex for picking up this story. Oh and here’s a shout out for posting my picture. I tried really hard to tuck my chin in.