Montepulciano Preview

Blogger Maggie is back with her report on Montepulciano. She’s describes the city, scouts some possible locations, and has fabulous pictures.

“I made my father pull over at one point so I could get a picture from the road as we approached the city, as I’m sure it’ll be an establishing shot in New Moon. The city sits on top of a hill and while it’s gorgeous in hues of orange, red and brown amongst the greenery, it is rather ominous and forbidding. That’s the point of these hill-fort towns though, to protect them against invaders and be forbidding; that’s precisely what Montepulciano does. It certainly ‘sets the scene.”

Get the rest on Maggie’s blog.


  1. Whoooo-hooo !st comment! This set look soooooooooo awesome!

  2. Spinach says:

    Yup, looks good. I’ve been to Volterra and the first thing I thought when I saw the shot of Montepulciano on the hill was that it looked pretty much the same from the distance! The square there seems to be much bigger as well.

  3. Jeannaly says:

    2nd comment! it will be perfect for the scene of the edward/bella reunion when edward thinks he has die

  4. Natasha says:

    I was in Montepulciano a few years back and I think it is going to be an amazing location for Volterra. I really look forward to seeing final product. Oh, to be wandering body in the crowd.

  5. silvia says:

    I am Italian and I was in Urbino in the days around Easter
    and that town would have been perfect for New Moon,
    even more than Montepulciano.
    There are little towns in Marche, Toscana, Emilia-Romagna
    that haven’t changed a bit since the Middle Ages.
    The problem is that they are mostly unknown for both Italians and foreigners.
    I would only suggest to people to come to visit my
    country to look for some Italians to show you
    the real best of Italy. ciao.

  6. Vanessa says:

    Montepulciano is wonderful! I live in Rome, so I’ve been there more that once. It’s a wonderful city and I think you all will love it!


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