Vampire Baseball Pictures Are Up

Our favorite blogger, Maggie, who at this point has done so much cool stuff that were losing count (worked on the set of Twilight, was at the UK premiere, obtained the non-actor panels at TwiCon…)was the official photographer for the Vampire Baseball event in Portland. She’s now been given the go ahead to release the photos.

Check it all out on Maggie’s blog.


  1. Wow, I read the whole blog and I was looking so forward to twi-con Nashville. I ran straight out and took a loan, and those tickets represent a big splurge to me in a already strained budget and economy. UGH, I was so thinking this was going to be fun, and I get that it had fun moments but her descriptions sounded like it was one big hugh unorganized, militaryish (is that a word) mess. I bought those tickets when they had no guests but Peter Facinelli coming, thats how happy I was to have a vacation for the first time in 15 yrs. I am very un-excited right now. Someone encourage me. I was so looking forward…

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