Justin Chon: Humans Heading To Vancouver

Justin has a video interview with RadarOnline.

He talks about Eric Yorkie in Eclipse.

ET: Post Teen Choice Awards

The video is spoiler free and is hilarious to watch Kristen Stewart do a Robert Pattinson impression and for the whole cast to talk about Rob’s hair.

The Twilight Cast After The Teen Choice Awards

There is a minor spoiler at the beginning of this video that states how many awards Twilight won, but they don’t tell you specifically who won what. There’s a real comedy moment at the end as Robert Pattinson is whisked past by security. You get the sense if he had stopped, they would have picked him up and carried him off.

Justin Chon Interview On Beeheard

The Beeheard blog interviewed Justin Chon:

“I caught Justin after what sounded like a very long, very intense day as he had just finished an audition for nothing less than one of Shakespear’s classics.   Obviously this young man has some serious acting chops to even be considered for such a role.  But clearly I am not the first to take note of his talent.

Insightful, introspective, humble and damn funny-Justin stood proudly by his days with Nickelodeon noting “not many of my fans may even remember me from that, but no matter it was fun and it is all part of the ride.”  He also noted that he had the worst luck with cell phones – of which I had no idea of what he was referring being that he only dropped my call three times.”

Check out the whole story on Beeheard. TY to Krystyna for the heads up.

Justin Chon in J-14

Justin Chon gave a quick interview to J-14:

J-14: In Twilight, did you draw from your own high school experience to flirt with Bella Swan in the cafeteria?
Justin Chon: Of course. As an actor you’re always trying to draw from real stuff to make it real, but I would say in acting terms, you use like substitutions and you think back to the moment. I just tried to make him as awkward as possible and just overly excited about everything.

J-14: What was it like flirting with Kristen Stewart?
Justin: Her character is just really awkward. So you put two really awkward people together and it’s just a really funny thing to see them try and have a fluid conversation.”

See the whole Justin interview on J-14. Via Twilight Examiner

Chat Live With Justin Chon

Tonight at 9:00 eastern time you can chat live with Justin Chon on StarCam.

Justin is celebrating the DVD release of Crossings, the movie about immigration that he co-starred in along with Harrison Ford.

According to Justin’s Twitter, part of the chat includes a way to support his charity of choice, Step Off Ministry, a group  that helps those trying to break free of Korean gang life.

Happy Birthday Justin Chon

It’s Justin’s Birthday!


Justin Chon’s Retail Sneaker Paradise

RadarOnline caught up with Justin Chon at his store Attic  in Orange County and they got the grand tour of the place. Now if you are not a California native, but you love the product, you can order it online here. they also have a really cool blog highlighting the merchandise, the store owners, the SoCal scene, etc. here.

Check it all out on RadarOnline.

Michael Welch: Movie Premiere

Michael Welch was joined on the red carpet by Twilight buddies Justin Chon and Christian Serratos for the premiere of his film Lost Dream. TY to Jill and Vescara(photos)

“Set to grace the screen on May 7th at the Stanley Kramer Theater in Hollywood, Lost Dream is a timely story about the fading American Dream that stars Michael Welch and Shaun Sipos. Producer Mae Nekoba offered, “When casting our two leads we found two of the most impressive up-and-coming actors in the city.”

Michael Welch of Twilight and Joan of Arcadia, plays Perry, a privileged, young intellectual battling against his destiny not wanting to follow in his father’s political footsteps. Perry at this challenging crossroads in his life meets Giovanni, played by Shaun Sipos of The Grudge 2 and Comeback Season, an artist in search of his own voice. Giovanni represents a side that Perry desires providing a tumultuous friendship inducing a suicidal realm of self-discovery. Together, with the guidance of writer/director Ahmed, these two young actors crafted performances that carried the film through its dramatic highlights.

Writer/director Asif Ahmed conceived Lost Dream while attending college. The original script served as his senior thesis and still reflects the alienation and youthful yearning so many young people experience during this period; all set against the universal themes of political, social, and personal evolution.

Patricia Richardson (Home Improvement, Strong Medicine) also co-stars along with Jeremy Lond”

**WARNING** The trailer  is not rated by the MPAA. The material contains items of a graphic nature and mature theme.

Justin Chon Fan Chat


Just back from Vancouver where he was reprising his role as Eric Yorkie in “New Moon”, “Twilight’s” JUSTIN CHON invites you to join him and hundreds of “Twilight” fans as he appears LIVE on StarCam!

Join JUSTIN this Sunday Night, May 3rd at 6:00 pm PST, 8:00 pm CST and 9:00 pm EST.  Watch Justin LIVE as he interacts with fans, answering the questions you want answered!


JUSTIN can’t wait for you to see him LIVE on Sunday and to answer your questions!  SEE YOU ON STARCAM!

(A portion of the proceeds raised will benefit Step Off Ministry, Justin’s favorite charity)