Christian Serratos Reflects on her Time in Twilight

Christian Serratos was interviewed by Crave where she talked about her time in Twilight and displayed her nerf gun fighting technique.

Video: Christian Serratos Joins Cut Out Dissection Campaign

Christian Serratos who has worked with Peta before is joining another of their campaigns. This one stresses that there are alternatives to traditional dissection that are animal friendly. According to the press release.

Just in time for “Cut Out Dissection” Month, Twilight star Christian Serratos—known to Twihards as Bella’s friend Angela—is the star of a brand-new video for peta2, the world’s largest youth animal rights organization, in which she encourages students to skip animal dissection in favor of using high-tech, educational simulators. It’s a subject that Serratos, currently appearing in American Horror Story, has been passionate about for years—back in her days on Nickelodeon’s Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, her character spent an episode campaigning for dissection alternatives in their school.


“These animals haven’t donated their bodies to science, and they have the same ability to experience pain and fear as your companion animals at home,” says Serratos in the video. “Studies have shown that students who use alternatives to dissection perform as well as—if not better than—students who dissect animals. If you’re asked to participate in dissection in your school, ask your teacher for an alternative assignment.”


Every year, more than 10 million animals are dissected in secondary school and college science classes. Most are obtained from biological supply houses. PETA obtained undercover video footage of one supply house in which terrified cats were forcibly herded into gas chambers. Other animals were injected with formaldehyde and left to writhe in agony. A number of animals who are used for dissection are taken from wild populations—a practice that wreaks havoc on local ecosystems—and others are purchased from animal shelters.


Serratos, who previously teamed up with peta2 for two anti-fur campaigns, is part of a long list of celebrities to join peta2 in speaking up for animals. Visitors to can find interviews with all their favorite bands and celebrities—including Justin Bieber, Daniella Monet, Stephanie Pratt, Lea Michele, Sarah Hyland, Kellan Lutz, Matt Prokop, and Pink—and enter contests to win great prizes, such as iPods and concert tickets.

Christian Serratos Makes Next Movie’s 13 Rising Young Latino Stars List

Next Movie is focusing on the young Latino stars whose careers are taking off. Selena Gomez, Shiloh Fernandez, and other join Christian Serratos on the list.

“We know some Twi-hards find it difficult to tear their eyes away from Bella and her two love interests, but those who’ve noticed her small circle of human friends from Forks High School will recognize Serratos as Angela Weber. In addition to her supporting part in “Breaking Dawn,” the 20-year-old former Ford model has several upcoming projects, including three lead roles and the indie thriller “96 Minutes,” opposite Brittany Snow and Evan Ross.”

See the whole list on Next Movie.

Christian Serratos Talks Breaking Dawn With Clevver TV

Now On YouTube, Christian Serratos in Howlin For You

The Black Keys did a parody video trailer for their song Howlin For You. It’s supposed to look like a movie trailer for a B-movie modern Western.  The Latino Review breaks down what is being parodied for you. Look for Christian Serratos as a leather-clad assassin.

Christian Serratos Lands New TV Role

Christian Serratos has just landed a role in a new ABC show. According to MTV:

“Twilight”‘s own Christian Serratos, who plays Bella’s bespectacled bud Angela, has just landed a lead role in the new as-yet-untitled Brenda Hampton pilot on ABC Family.

Deadline broke the news that Christian was cast along with Katelyn Tarver (“Big Time Rush”), Valerie Tian (“Juno”) and Ana Lucasey (“Lie to Me”) in the hour-long drama that follows four ethnically diverse teen girls attending a private school in California.”

Troix Magazine, that featured Christian in their most recent issue, put together this photo montage of some of the pictures used.

Christian Serratos Troix Magazine Preview

Troix Magazine, and online magazine, launched earlier this year. Their inaugural issue featured Jackson Rathbone and 100 Monkeys. Their next issue is a “November Neverland” themed issue featuring Jeremy Sumpter, 100 Monkeys, and Christian Serratos on the cover.

You can find the full issue online November 1 at Troix Magazine

FYI, the video preview is suggestive, but PG-13.

Kellan Lutz and Christian Serratos to Be Honored at PETA Awards

Clevver TV has a feature on the PETA Awards where Kellan Lutz, Christian Serratos and others will be honored from everything from promoting responsible pet ownership to anti-fur causes.

In the past, the Twilight movie won a PETA award for “The Most Animal Friendly Movie” due to Bella eating a veggie burger. (Slightly ironic since the opening shots of the movie feature a deer being hunted and killed.) Ashley Greene has also won an award based on her promoting Avon’s Mark Cosmetics line which are animal-cruelty free products.

Huffington Post: Christian Serratos Interview

Looks like it’s Twilight week over at the Huffinton Post, first they there was an amazing article on why the books and movies mean so much to people, and now there is this look at Christian Serratos.

“As the ardor cools for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, it’s easy to forget all the humans except that most desired one — Kristen Stewart’s Bella. But there are the others, from the ever-surging actor Anna Kendrick as head geek Jessica to Billy Burke as poppa Swan.

And then there’s actress Christian Serratos’s bespectacled Angela Webber, who kind of reflects the film’s own core girl-geek squad.

After the 20-year-old Serratos made it into The Twilight Saga, she started to tour the con circuit making sure that the humans other than Bella weren’t forgotten. So she made it to New York last October, to Anaheim this April and has had time to bare all for PETA. And her few moments of screen time in the installments reveals real flashes of talent — part of what she discusses in this exclusive interview conducted during one of those con excursions.

Though she has limited screen time again in the third installment, she does have this incredible ringside seat to see this Virgin-Vamp saga emerge and see how everyone has evolved in doing it. As close up to the center of the media circus as anyone, Serratos has not only witnessed the Twilight phenomenon from the inside out, she has felt the glare of that white hot spotlight that Kris Stewart and Rob Pattinson have been subjected to throughout.”

See more on the Huffington Post.

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Willie Waffle Interviews Christian Serratos

Willie Waffle, a local DC area newscaster, interviewed Christian Serratos while she was in the Washington DC metro area doing theater drop ins for Eclipse.