Ashley Greene: Italy Was Crazy


  1. Yeah, sounds hectic. I heard that security was very controlling when it came to Robert.

  2. Lol. Rob & Kris’s acceptance speech was so funny! And isn’t Ashley lovely- such a pretty, classic look. ^^

  3. I can never find anywhere on the net where Ashley and Kellen confessing to being together. I have always guessed since the very first promo they did on the movie there is a scene with them sharing an iPod and him rubbing her shoulders in the cullen garage. She has confesssed that Kellen would be her real world Edward. I think they are the cutest. I’m so glad we get more Alice and Ashley time in New Moon.

  4. Ashley’s hair doesn’t work for her…

  5. I felt so bad for Kristen dropping the award but if she bailed on Rob at the last second with the kiss acceptance speech..karma lol! Rob was dying that was trailer..priceless.10x better than Twilight..wonder what Catherine thought watching it…