Christian Siriano Covers Fashion With the Twilight Ladies

This was shot at the MTV Movies Awards last week but we just found the footage. Elizabeth Reaser, Bryce Dallas Howard, Tinsel Korey , and Julia Jones all look gorgeous. Lots of good little tidbits here with but the guys and the girls. Julia Jones is my favorite.

Billy Burke and More Talk Uncomfortable Breaking Dawn Wedding

Elizabeth Reaser and Peter Facinelli expanded on the discomfort to Access Hollywood. Looks like the Pacific Northwest weather went four-for-for and zapped every production.

““I wish that I could say it was this magical beautiful day, but we had a lot of rain and it was kind of muddy and there [were] tarps all over,” Peter Facinelli, who plays Robert Pattinson’s on screen father, Dr. Carlisle Cullen, said.

“Literally, there was a couple of extras where water just poured down and dumped on top of them,” Peter told Shaun. “So, it was kind of a nightmare shooting it, but [the set] was so beautifully dressed and I know that you’ll never see any of that behind the scenes stuff and it will look beautiful.”

Elizabeth Reaser – RPattz’s onscreen mom Esme – told Shaun the nuptials felt otherworldly.

“Very beautiful, it’s supposed to be a dream wedding. They spent months and months and months putting this thing together. It’s everything you’d want when getting married,” she explained, acknowledging the harsh weather.

“It was raining and freezing and everybody was uncomfortable, but when we were rolling, it was the most beautiful moment,” she continued.”

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Elizabeth Reaser and Jackson Rathbone Tease MTV Movie Awards Surprises

So it looks like MTV has stuff planned for the whole show.

Elizabeth Reaser Talks The End of Twilight With MTV

Make sure to also check out Elizabeth Reaser’s new film, The Art of Getting By.

Elizabeth Reaser and Bryce Dallas Howard to Chat With Josh Horowitz

According to MTV they have too much material that they want to preview to put into the MTV Movie Awards. So they are going to do something new calling it the MTV Movie Awards Sneak Peek Week. Here are the details:

“Starting on Monday, May 30, and running through Friday, June 3, we’ll be bringing you exclusive looks at some of this summer’s hottest films, including “Fright Night,” “Horrible Bosses” and more. Each night at 11 p.m. ET, we’ll welcome a film’s cast onto MTV to present an exclusive clip. Then you can continue the live conversation with the stars online, as our own Josh Horowitz hosts an extended chat with the talent. As always, you’ll have the chance to ask the stars your own questions; just tweet at @MTVNews using the hashtag #SPW.”

Tuesday Night: the stars and director of “The Art of Getting By,” a Sundance fave earlier this year, will be stopping by. Emma Roberts, Michael Angarano, Elizabeth Reaser and director Gavin Wiesen will introduce a clip, then stick around to discuss their indie about a lonely student (Freddie Highmore) and the unlikely friendship he strikes up with Roberts’ charismatic and complicated teen girl.

Thursday Night: Emma Stone and Bryce Dallas Howard will jump into the action in support of “The Help.” Based on the #1 New York Times best-seller, the film stars Stone as an unlikely civil-rights activist in ’60s-era Mississippi.”

You can see Elizabeth Reaser at the 1:35 mark in the trailer for The Art of Getting By.

Trailer: Elizabeth Reaser, The Art of Getting By

Watch for Liz playing Emma Roberts’ mother at around the 1:40 mark. Liz was in Sundance to promote the film this year where is had a huge buzz surrounding it, particularly for co-star Freddie Highmore. Interestingly enough, the surprise sleeper film that blew everyone away at Sundance also starred a Twilight actor: Like Crazy with Charlie Bewley.

Twilight Cast Photo Up For Auction: The Cullen Clan

This is a cast photo that you don’t see every day. It also has six entirely legible (as legible sigs go) of the six actors in the photo: Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone, Peter Facinelli, and Elizabeth Reaser. It’s particularly difficult to get Elizabeth Reaser’s signature on anything since she doesn’t do a lot of events, and to have this complete set in good quality is a real rarity! Plus it’s 100% legit!

The item is being auctioned as part of the fundraising efforts for The Girlfriend Movie. They are currently raising funds for distribution here

You can bid on the photo here on EBay.

MTV’s Josh Horowitz Has Elizabeth Reaser Help Define What Sundance Is

This is hilarious for anyone who has ever been to Sundance, or even if you haven’t. It basically pokes fun at everything from clueless reporters, to fake smiles, to gifting suites, to you name it.  Elizabeth Reaser does her bit around the 1:38 mark, but the whole thing is worth the watch.

Elizabeth Reaser Interviewed by Hollywire at Sundance

Elizabeth’s film Homework has been getting quite the buzz especially concerning co-star Feddy Highmore’s performance.

Elizabeth Reaser Talks Breaking Dawn With Ben Lyons

Look at around the 2:00 mark

You can see Elizabeth Reaser’s new film with Alan Cumming and Alex Kingston below.