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July 4th Twilight Style: Edi Gathegi, Rami Malek, Elizabeth Reaser

Here’s to hoping the weather is good and people can get out and do the whole picnic, cookout, fireworks, pool, and beach thing. However if the weather turns bad, or if you need a movie fix, here’s where you can catch Twilight stars on the big and small screen this weekend:

First up Edi Gathegi as Darwin in the latest X-men installment:

Next is Rami Malek who plays Benjamin in Larry Crowne with co-stars Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks:

Elizabeth Reaser as a very unlike Esme mom in The Art of Getting By, co-stars Emma Roberts and Freddie Highmore:

Elizabeth Reaser Talks Different Mom Types With New York Magazine

Elizabeth Reaser is in The Art of Getting By ( a much touted Sundance film) that opens shortly. She talks about playing way different mothers and talking Twilight with co-star Emma Roberts (picture of Emma reading New Moon on the set of Valentines Day).

Was playing Charlotte an antidote to playing Esme, the picture of maternal perfection?
That was exactly it. I was fascinated with someone who would behave like that, who was clearly free of inhibitions, who’s okay with herself and is not a perfect mother. Esme is perfect. There’s not a bad word you can say about Esme. She does everything right. She just loves with every ounce of her being, while Charlotte is drunk, walking around in a negligee and tickling her daughter’s underage boyfriend! [Laughs.] I think women who don’t understand boundaries are fascinating. I sort of modeled her after a girlfriend of mine who is the most fun, the most outrageous, life of the party — hang out with her and you will end up in the hot tub at the end of the night. And that’s what I thought about in terms of Charlotte. It was a little bit of a leap for me, that scene in the garden LizReaserKalebwhere I tickle Freddie Highmore, because I kept thinking of him as the boy from Finding Neverland. But he’s not a boy. He’s a young man.

Did she [Emma Roberts]pepper you with Twilight questions?
Yes! She’s a bit of a Twihard. I remember she was Team Jacob at one point. She definitely played it cool, though. Those movies, I’m always surprised when older kids are obsessed with them. You’d think they’d be too-cool-for-school for them. But the films seem to capture all ages. I’ve met a lot of Twi-Moms. I get a little uncomfortable when they start talking about Taylor Lautner’s body, because I’m like, “He’s a baby! Don’t talk about him like that!” But the movies definitely capture the imagination of even older women. I’m 35, so I guess I would be a Twi-Mom.”

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Elizabeth Reaser: Dramatic Reading of Twilight Fanfiction

Last month VH1 had Michael Sheen reading Twilight fanfic out loud. Looks like they are starting a trend and now they have Elizabeth Reaser doing the same. Beware Twilight cast doing press at VH1, this is probably going to be a regular gig.
TwiExaminer has the details on the exact piece being read here.