Elizabeth Reaser Talks About Breaking Dawn, Kristen Stewart, MacKenzie Foy and More at Sundance

Elizabeth Reaser was at Sundance this past weekend to promote her new movie when MTV caught up with her.

On Kristen’s cooking

On MacKenzie Foy

On Kristen’s cooking

Video: Elizabeth Reaser on The Good Wife

You can see Elizabeth Reaser starting at the 1:09 mark in this video. She plays the date of Will Gardner at a black tie function. She character will be in several episodes on and off this year.

Elizabeth Reaser on The Good Wife

Last night was the debut of Liz Reaser’s character Tammy on The Good Wife. Liz is supposed to have a semi-regular role this year. Her character played the date of Will Gardner at an exclusive back-tie dinner. If was obvious that she caught on right away to the sexual tension between Will and Alicia Florek.

Next up on prime time network TV are Jackson Rathbone in No Ordinary Family and MacKenzie Foy in Hawaii 5-0

Liz Reaser’s Top 5 Filming Moments from Eclipse

Liz-Peter-NikkiEW has a list of Elizabeth Reaser’s top five moments while filming Eclipse.  She addressed working with Dakota Fanning, Bryce Dallas Howard, Xavier Samuel, and Jodelle Ferland as well as the teaming up between the Cullen family and the wolf pack.  But she had this to say about her on screen hubby:

“There was an action scene I did with Peter [Facinelli] where we were in a battle. We fight together — because we’re a team and he’s so protective he wouldn’t let me fight by myself — it’s pretty intense. We both do some intensely violent things, which was pretty scary. And I didn’t enjoy that stuff. I realized I don’t like pretending to hit people because it kind of makes me feel bad, like what if I hit them [for real]? What if I get nervous? And so the director was like, ‘You’re not getting mad.’ He tried to piss me off and it worked. [Laughs] He started yelling things at me off-camera to genuinely make me mad. So then I got really mad and he was like, ‘Yea!’ It was a weird thing but a great tactic on his part.”

Read the whole list at EW.

Liz Reaser on Taylor Lautner’s Physical Prep

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Reaser

A very happy birthday to our Esme.

Liz celebrates turning 34 today.