Christian Siriano Covers Fashion With the Twilight Ladies

This was shot at the MTV Movies Awards last week but we just found the footage. Elizabeth Reaser, Bryce Dallas Howard, Tinsel Korey , and Julia Jones all look gorgeous. Lots of good little tidbits here with but the guys and the girls. Julia Jones is my favorite.


  1. smitten_by_twilight says:

    The videos for Tinsel, Julia, Rami, Alex, Jackson, and Peter say “no longer available.” 🙁

  2. PamelaC says:

    When I watched the MTV Video Music Awards, I couldn’t understand why Bryce would choose the dress she wore. I know that she is pregnant but the dress looked, I don’t want to say awful but that’s what I was thinking. I’m sure she could have found something much better looking than that dress. Just my opinion though.

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