Bryce Dallas Howard in July Self Magazine

Here are some snippets from Bryce Dallas Howard’s July Self Magazine’s story, fellow vamp, Anna Paquin from True Blood is on the cover.:

friend formula

“Understanding that those dearest to me show and accept love differently is key. For example, I’m not a big letter writer, but my best friend is, so to show her that I care, I write to her. Recently, she revealed she’s kept every letter I’ve written to her since we were 15!”

style changers

“I wear more of my clothes! My nice things used to stay in the closet because I was afraid to ruin them. A stylist friend taught me that it’s important to get “dressed!”

workout plan

“Everyone got fit for Eclipse, but maintaining was the challenge! I created a fitness club with five friends. We have weekly check-ins and a reward system. I don’t want to let them down, so success is much more likely. And fun!”

happiness requirements

“1. Ordering in and hunkering down with my husband to watch Spartacus on TV

2. Hanging and talking about nothing and everything with my best friend and sister”

Beauty secrets

“I dry-brush my skin before showering. It’s exfoliating. And Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant is a fantastic lip balm.”

food choices

“I was a vegan until I developed a condition that makes meat’s amino acids critical to my health. The transition was emotional, but I’m grateful that I can still appreciate where food comes from.”

killer cool

“I’m a “Twi-hard”; I read all the books. Victoria is bloodthirsty and a grieving widow. So she was fun to play!”

Talking TV: Press Coverage Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and the Rest of the Eclipse Cast

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On The Red Carpet: Press Day Interviews The Eclipse Cast

On The Red Carpet has interviews with various members of the cast of Eclipse. We have the first three with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner visible. The rest with Peter Facinelli, and Bryce Dallas Howard are below the cut.

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IESB: The Bad Vampire’s Interview, Eclipse Press Conference

BryceeclipseXavier Samuel, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Dakota Fanning participated in the press roundtable.

Q: Dakota, you are so very evil in this. What was that like?

Dakota: This is the first time I’ve gotten to play the same character in a different film. It was really great.  I love playing this character. It’s a fun character to get to play. And, being a part of all that is Twilight is such an honor and still kind of surreal for me. I feel so lucky to be a part of it.

Q: What do you like about this character?

Dakota: She’s obviously not the nicest person, but it’s kind of fascinating to be able to play someone that takes pleasure in hurting people. That’s a weird thing to get to do and, obviously, something I’ve never done before.

Q: Bryce, how is it coming into this world for the first time?

Bryce: I had not only read the books, but one of my friends actually made this little pack of Post-It notes for me with Rob’s face, that said, “Live dangerously.” All of my friends were like, “Why are you so  obsessed?” I was just like, “It’s so dangerous. Their love is so dangerous.” It was very fast and it was very sudden. To be honest, I was intimidated going into it, for a variety of reasons, but I felt so lucky to get to meet this group of people. It’s a group of people that have genuine friendships and are so deeply committed to doing justice to these stories, and who always put the character and the story first. Obviously, that’s translated, and I think that’s why the movies are as beloved as they are.”

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Interview Magazine Profiles Xavier Samuel

XavierINterviewMAgThe interesting thing about this interview is that it is done by Xavier’s co-star and Twilight newbie, Bryce Dallas Howard. Anyone who was at the LA Twilight convention I think would agree that the two of them have amazing on stage chemistry and respect in a brother and sister kind of way.

“BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD: So now that you’re almost on the other side with Eclipse, how has everything been for you? It’s all been a little wild, right?

XAVIER SAMUEL: Yeah, it has. It’s kind of like being struck by lightning in a way, because it all seems so improbable.

HOWARD: Eclipse is your first American film.

SAMUEL: It is. I’ve been doing American auditions for a while, and it always felt sort of like sending these audition tapes off into the ether. So just hearing anything back from anyone was kind of startling.

HOWARD: When we were shooting Eclipse, it was amazing for me to see how the girls all went berserk over you. These girls were totally losing their minds—and much like everyone else in the cast who experiences those sorts of things, you dealt with it really graciously and wonderfully. Were you at all startled by that?

SAMUEL: I mean, it’s kind of bizarre, isn’t it? Having that kind of attention. I’m not under the microscope in the same fashion that a lot of the other cast members are, so I think I can slide under the radar a little bit more, but getting any attention at all is completely new for me.

HOWARD: Well, it’s been interesting to see how these young women have responded to you and your hair and your accent.

SAMUEL: My hair and my accent are sort of my main assets.”

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Access Hollywood Eclipse Cast Interviews Extravaganza

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On Set Interviews from Collider

Interviews with Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Stephenie Meyer, Bryce Dallas Howard and Ashley Greene from Collider

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The German New Moon DVD Release

Chaske Spencer, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Bronson Pelletier were on hand in Germany for the release of the New Moon DVD (imagine having to wait a month longer than the USA!).

You can find more video here. Granted a lot is in German, as you would expect, but there is a fair amount of English as well.

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