Bryce Dallas Howard in July Self Magazine

Here are some snippets from Bryce Dallas Howard’s July Self Magazine’s story, fellow vamp, Anna Paquin from True Blood is on the cover.:

friend formula

“Understanding that those dearest to me show and accept love differently is key. For example, I’m not a big letter writer, but my best friend is, so to show her that I care, I write to her. Recently, she revealed she’s kept every letter I’ve written to her since we were 15!”

style changers

“I wear more of my clothes! My nice things used to stay in the closet because I was afraid to ruin them. A stylist friend taught me that it’s important to get “dressed!”

workout plan

“Everyone got fit for Eclipse, but maintaining was the challenge! I created a fitness club with five friends. We have weekly check-ins and a reward system. I don’t want to let them down, so success is much more likely. And fun!”

happiness requirements

“1. Ordering in and hunkering down with my husband to watch Spartacus on TV

2. Hanging and talking about nothing and everything with my best friend and sister”

Beauty secrets

“I dry-brush my skin before showering. It’s exfoliating. And Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant is a fantastic lip balm.”

food choices

“I was a vegan until I developed a condition that makes meat’s amino acids critical to my health. The transition was emotional, but I’m grateful that I can still appreciate where food comes from.”

killer cool

“I’m a “Twi-hard”; I read all the books. Victoria is bloodthirsty and a grieving widow. So she was fun to play!”


  1. I learned recently that Bryce Dallas Howard is Ron Howard’s daughter. Doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but it was just kind of interesting I thought.

  2. RockinRobbin says

    Yes and that’s why she got the part. She was offered the part of “Victoria” in the first Twilight movie and said the role was not important enough for her to bother with. Tada, Twilight takes off into the stars in popularity and guess who suddenly thinks the role is important enough for her to play? This was a waste of space in the mag interviewing her. The only good thing, we get to see her killed in Eclipse and of hopefully she will just disappear off everyone’s radar. Can’t happen soon enough for me, she is a poor substitute for a great actress and classy lady (Rachelle).

  3. Umpteenth Twifan says

    Lexicon mods,
    Unless True Blood has veered WAY off from the books, Anna Paquin’s character, Sookie, is NOT a vampire. (She’s a human involved w/ a vamp, like Bella – only *she* reads minds, not the boyfriend!)

    I’m really kind of nonplussed at SELF interviewing both Paquin and Howard in the same issue. I mean, when I think fitness I totally think vampires, don’t you? LOL.