Chapter Six – Friends

Chapter Number: Six

Chapter Name: Friends

Page Numbers: 137-158 (Hardcover)

Date of Chapter: Sunday, January 18th – Monday, January 19th, 2006

Summary: Bella returns to Jacob’s garage, where he is keeping the motorcycles. Jacob keeps the conversation flowing, describing his sophomore year, with his two best friends: Quil and Embry. Before long, his friends make their entrance. Jacob tells them about the project he is working on with Bella, to fix the motorcycle. It piques the boys’ interest, and Bella finds it hard to follow all the technical jargon. Even so, she rues having to leave to go home, and make dinner for Charlie. However, she makes plans with Jacob to see him tomorrow, and buy more parts.

As Bella leaves, she hears Jacob’s best friends teasing him—about his relationship with Bella—and is surprised to find herself genuinely laughing. She feels buoyant, and arrives home before Charlie. As she’s preparing dinner, she’s happier than usual, smiling, grinning. Charlie notices, but is hesitant; he cautiously asks how things went with Jacob. Bella mentions the Volkswagen Jacob is working on, but not the motorcycles.

Bella avoids going to her room for as long as she can, and goes to sleep expecting the pain. But she doesn’t even dream.

She is hesitant about what this means. Charlie is being just as careful. At breakfast she tells him that she’ll be seeing Jacob again, and he lets her go. She invites Billy to watch the game with Harry and Charlie; one less witness to her clandestine activities. Jacob approves of her foresight, and they leave to get the needed parts.  They drive in Bella’s truck, and Jacob notices the torn-out stereo.

They find usable parts at the dump, and drive two hours to Checker Auto Parts, in Hoquiam. During the drive, Jacob talks more about his friends; he mentions how Quil audaciously asked out a senior’s steady girlfriend. Bella is genuinely curious about his life, despite the difference in their ages. But Bella tries to make clear the distinction that she is older; she compares it to dog years, making Bella at least twelve years older than Jacob. They continue to argue about their correct ages, and Bella almost forgets why she is with Jacob in the first place. She is still determined to be reckless, and having Jacob along for the ride is just an added benefit.

When they return to Forks, Jacob arranges the auto parts. Quil and Embry do not interrupt this time, but, after night falls, Billy calls for them. Jacob and Bella hurry outside, holding hands and laughing, and Charlie is there as well. His eyes are wide, seeing them holding hands.

Once inside Bella sees that the Clearwater family has joined them for dinner: Harry Clearwater, and his wife and children. It is an awkward fit around the small kitchen table, but Bella enjoys herself, and doesn’t want to leave. But it starts raining, and the party ends; Bella drives Charlie home. Charlie is pleased about the progress she’s making, but like a parent, adds that she should be sure to do her homework when she goes to see Jacob tomorrow.

Again, Bella worries about having to sleep. She knows that two nights of peace in a row is hoping for too much. Avoiding bedtime, she checks her email, and tells Reneé about her day.  Feeling like a bad daughter, she realizes that she hasn’t given a proper email to her mother in forever, and tries to make up for it.

When Bella sleeps, the dream comes again, but it’s slightly different than before. In this dream she wasn’t alone in the woods. Sam Uley was there, in the periphery, shifting in shape. He stands and watches Bella on the forest floor, not offering help.

Charlie stares at Bella during breakfast, still not quite able to believe that her zombie-state hasn’t returned. School, however, is the exact opposite; no one pays attention to her and Bella feels as if she’s invisible. Bella tries to catch up with conversation, to re-ingratiate herself with her old school friends.

Much has changed in the last four months. Lauren cut her hair to a pixie cut, and there are more additions to their lunch table: Katie Marshall, and Austin Marks. Angela had let her hair grow out of her layers. Her boyfriend, Ben, is sick with the stomach flu; and Angela is talking about what they did last weekend. They had been planning to picnic, but half-way there they saw a large black bear. Everyone at the table is incredulous, but it’s an even a greater shock when Bella stands up for Angela. She affirms the sighting, mentioning what the hiker at Newton’s Outfitters had seen. After stilted silence, conversation resumes; and it’s clear that Bella is “back”.

It’s exactly one year since Bella’s first day in Forks.

Characters Involved: Bella Swan, Jacob Black, Quil Ateara, Embry Call, Charlie Swan, Harry Clearwater, Billy Black, Sue Clearwater, Leah Clearwater, Seth Clearwater, Jessica Stanley, Mike Newton, Angela Webber, Conner, Tyler Crowley, Eric Yorkie, Lauren Mallory, Katie Marshall, and Austin Marks

Character Mentioned: Edward Cullen, Sam Uley, Ben Cheney, and Renee Dwyer

Places Visited: Jacob’s garage, the Swan home, the Black home, the dump, Checker Auto Parts, Forks High School

Memorable Quotes:
“Speak of the devil, and the devil shall appear.”
~Jacob, talking about his friends when they suddenly arrive, pg. 138

“His white T-shirt strained over his well-developed chest, and he seemed gleefully conscious of that fact.”
~Bella upon seeing Quil for the first time, pg. 138

“Okay, you’re getting a deal.”
“Not to mention riding lessons,” I added
Quil grinned widely at Embry and whispered something I didn’t catch. Jacob’s hand flashed out to smack the back of Quil’s head. “That’s it, get out,” he muttered.
~Jacob, Bella, Quil and Embry in Jacob’s garage, pg. 140-141

“Jacob was simply a perpetually happy person, and he carried that happiness with him like an aura, sharing it with whoever was near him. Like an earthbound sun, whenever someone was within his gravitational pull, Jacob warmed them. It was natural, a part of who he was. No wonder I was so eager to see him.”
~Bella, trying to decide why she is enjoying herself at the dump, pg. 145

“It’s not my fault you’re a freak.”
~Bella commenting on Jacob’s height, pg. 147

“My super secret recipe for spaghetti. Handed down for generations,” Billy said gravely.
Jacob snorted. “I don’t think Ragu’s actually been around that long.”
~Billy Black and Jacob about the dinner they’d invited Bella and Charlie to, pg. 149

“It would probably be weeks before he stopped watching for the return of the zombie, and I would just have to try to not let it bother me. After all, I would be watching for the return of the zombie, too.”
~Bella, at the breakfast table with Charlie, pg. 152

“I remembered the first day I’d come to Forks High School—how desperately I’d wished that I could turn gray, fade into the wet concrete of the sidewalk like an oversized chameleon. It seemed I was getting that wish answered, a year late.”
~Bella, noting that no one noticed her at school, pg. 152

“Oh, joy. Bella’s back.”
~Lauren Mallory after Bella stands up for Angela during lunch, pg. 158

“Nothing’s changed much.”
~Angela, to Bella, after Lauren makes a snide comment, pg. 158

Important Information learned:
Quil already displays over-confident behavior typical of a werewolf. He already has the practically buzz cut, and a muscular build.

Jacob’s presence warms Bella; a simple fact of being in his presence. It keeps her anxieties at bay.

Bella feels that her expressions are more natural with Jacob, that she doesn’t have to pretend.

Bella tries to make it clear that she is older than Jacob, putting a bridge between romantic notions.

Even though Jacob is making Bella feel happier, she is still determined to be reckless, and break promises.

Harry Clearwater suffers from high cholesterol, foreshadowing further health problems in the future.

Charlie is not ready to believe that Bella is “cured”, and nor is Bella herself. But he is pleased with what he sees.

People are seeing huge, black “bears” in the area around Forks.

There is a stomach flu going around the students.

Bella chose Jessica for her “night out” on purpose. Angela was much too perceptive for her purposes.

Angela and Mike are the only ones who seem relieved and/or excited by Bella’s “return.”

Even Bella finds it hard to believe how much has changed when she wasn’t noticing. Even so, in the essential ways that matter, people are still the same.

Chapter Prepared By: Seraphyn