Charlie’s House

Charlie’s House

Charlie’s home is described as a “small, two-bedroom house” (TW1) that he had bought in the early days of his marriage to Renee. It has only one bathroom “at the top of the stairs” (TW1) which Bella shares with Charlie.

Bella’s room is at the west of the house and it “faced out over the front yard” (TW1). It is the window here that Edward uses to enter her bedroom. The front of the house also contains a “porch” (TW17) and it has a “brick driveway”. (TW3)

At the back of the house, there is a “small, square yard” (TW7), and when Bella heads “east on foot” (TW7) across it, she reaches the “ever-encroaching forest.” (TW7)

Downstairs, Charlie’s house is best described in TW1. It has a “handkerchief-sized family room” with a “small fireplace” above which is a sequence of pictures of Bella getting older and his wedding picture. This room adjoins to the “small” kitchen. The living room seems to focus around the television, where Charlie spends his evenings.

The kitchen has an “old square oak table” with “three un-matching chairs” (TW1). This is the table on which Bella “left a note for Charlie.” (TW7) The kitchen cabinets are described as “bright yellow” and are remarkable because Bella’s “mother had painted the cabinets eighteen years ago in an attempt to bring some sunshine into the house.” (TW1)

Downstairs is secured by “the simple dead bolt” (TW12) which Bella doesn’t always bother fastening when she goes out.

Bella’s bedroom is described in a lot of detail. It has a “wooden floor,” (TW14) “light blue walls” (TW1), a “peaked ceiling” (TW1) and in many ways hasn’t changed at all since Bella was born. The lace curtains on the window are described as “yellowed” with age, and the “rocking chair from my [Bella’s] baby days was still in the corner.” (TW1). Her clothes are stored in “the old pine dresser” (TW1)

The changes that have been made over the years include “switching the crib for a bed and adding a desk.” (TW1). There is also an addition of a “second-hand computer” (TW1) which is connected to the internet, although “My modem was sadly outdated, my free service substandard.” (TW7)

Bella’s door is also lockable. She uses this on two occasions in “Twilight” – once when she is packing her bag to run away from James and she doesn’t want Charlie to see Edward helping her to pack, and the other time in Chapter 7 where she doesn’t want to be disturbed after her visit to the beach. “Once in my room, I locked the door.” (TW7)

For many fans, the set chosen for Charlie’s house was possibly the closest to the book’s description. Below are two images of the home used in the movies. The first is pre-production picture of the house, and the second is a still from New Moon.

pre-production home

Swan home