Ateara, Quil

Wolfpack Tattoo

Full Name: Quil Ateara

Status: Member of the Quileute Tribe. Human.

Date of Birth:

Originally from:  La Push Reservation

Hair color:  Black and cut “so short it was almost a buzz.” (NM6 p. 138)

Eye color:


Physical description: Quil is described as dark-skinned and shorter than Embry, but burly and with an impish grin. (NM6 p.138)   But, like Jacob, Quil grew quickly, even prior to his transformation; Bella notices that “he looked bigger than the last time I’d seen him.”  In his wolf form, Quil was “deep chocolate brown, lighter over his face” (EC19 p. 429).(NM11)

Occupation:  Student. protector of La Push

Family members:  Quil Ateara (grandfather), Jacob Black (second cousin) (NM15)

Nick Names:


Personal history: Quil is one of Jacob’s closest friends. He and Embry both have unusual names and, as Jacob explains, “They fight dirty if you start on their names—they’ll tag team you.” (NM6)  Quil, Jacob and Embry all speculated about the growing influence of Sam’s “cult,” but none of them guess what is really going on. (NM7)

Later, after Embry and Jacob have gone through the change, Bella sees Quil walking along the side of the road looking “bleak, brooding, his forehead creased with worry.” He explains that he’d seen Jacob and Embry at a distance, but they ran into the forest and, even though he chased after them, he couldn’t find them. Bella tells him that she plans to wait for Jacob at his house; Quil wishes her good luck. (NM11 p. 259-260)

After Bella discovers Jacob and Embry’s secret, Embry and Jacob hint that Quil might be the next to transform. (NM14 p. 344) Quil became a werewolf, joined the pack and was “jazzed, totally thrilled” (EC5 p. 114). Unlike many of his pack mates, Quil was happy to be a shape shifter because it was cool, he was “in the know”, he was back in contact with his friends, and he enjoyed the speed, freedom, strength and family bonds (EC5 p. 114, EC11 p. 259). He participated in patrolling the land for rogue vampires (EC4 p. 105).

When visiting Emily Young’s house, Quil met her nieces and he imprinted on Claire, who was two years old at the time (EC8 p. 174). This caused a bit of a scandal because of the huge age difference, but as Jacob tried to explain to Bella, there was nothing romantic about the bond at that stage because he would “become whatever she need[ed] you to be, whether that’s a protector, or a lover, or a friend, or a brother” (EC8 p 176).

Quil attended his first Quileute council meeting to hear the tribe legends at the same time Bella attended (EC11 p. 243). He accompanied Jacob on many outings, such as to Bella’s graduation party (EC17 p. 371) and to watch the Cullen fight practice (EC19 p. 429). Quil took orders from Sam, such as when he came in wolf form to Bella’s wedding to ensure Jacob kept in control (BD4 p. 67). Sam realized the close bond between Quil and Jacob, which is why he paired Jacob with Quil and Embry for their planned attack of the Cullens (BD10 p. 203) and why he sent Quil to appeal to Jacob to return to the pack after his defection (BD13 p. 256). The only reason Quil didn’t join Jacob’s new pack was because of his connection to Claire (BD13 p. 265); Quil was upset about the separation. Once Nessie was born and the threat of a war between the wolves and the Cullens was put to rest, Quil joined Jacob’s pack. (BD27 p. 526)

Early in the stories, Quil possessed a lot of chutzpah and considered himself a ladies’ man, as evident by his attempt to ask out a senior student’s steady girlfriend (NM6 p 146), his initial flirting with Bella (NM6 p 139), and his eagerness to hang out with older girls (NM9 p. 204). Quil was grounded for fighting at school and missed his opportunity to go to the movies with the teen girls from Forks High (NM9 p. 205). However, once he imprinted on Claire, his interest in skirt chasing evaporated. He loved playing with Claire, attended her third birthday party (and allowed himself to be dressed like a princess), and enjoyed romping at the beach with her. (BD8 p. 153). As Quil explained to Jacob, “I don’t notice girls anymore, you know. I don’t see their faces.” (BD8 p. 155).

Bella considered Quil to be funny (NM6 p. 146) and Jacob said Quil had a big mouth (NM7 p. 174). Quil joked with Sam after hearing the stories of the spirit warriors, teasing Sam about his black heart matching his black fur (EC11 p. 251). Quil brought enthusiasm to every event he was involved with, from fighting the newborn vampires (EC17 p. 381 / EC19 p. 429) to preparing to attack the Cullens (BD11 p. 207).

Portrayed in the films by: Tyson Houseman

Prepared by: Saraphyn and Lady Di