Newton, Mike

Full Name: Mike Newton

Status: Human

Date of Birth: 1988

Originally from: California

Hair color: pale blond (PC4)

Eye color: washed out blue eyes (PC4)

Height: 5’11” (PC4)

Physical description: cute, baby-faced, gelled hair in spikes (TW1) – After the summer, though, “his face had lost some of the roundness, making his cheekbones more prominent, and he was wearing his pale blond hair a new way; instead of bristly, it was longer and gelled into a carefully casual disarray”, a look inspired by Edward. (NM1)

Bella often described him as a golden retriever (TW1).

Occupation: Student (graduated) at Forks High School – worked at his father’s store: Newton’s Outfitters

Family members: Father – Mr. Newton; Mother – Mrs. Newton: “Nice kid – nice family.” (TW2)

Nick Names:

Car: Surburban (NM9)

Hobbies: athletics and the outdoors – ie snowball fights (TW2), volleyball (TW2), hiking near tidal pools (TW6), badminton (TW11)

Personal history: Mike Newton was “the nicest person” Bella met on her first day of school in Forks, Washington (TW1) because he offered to direct her to class and chatted with her. Mike was in Bella’s English, Biology, and gym class during her junior year. Bella’s relief turned to consternation when Mike’s attention became “overly friendly” and attentive (TW2).  Mike was not as friendly to Edward. During the lead-up to the girls-choice spring dance, Mike declined Jessica’s invitation because he was hoping Bella would ask him. (TW4) Instead, at Bella’s suggestion, Mike asked out Jessica Stanley, but their relationship did not survive the summer of 2005. (TW7NM1).

During senior year, Mike shared Bella’s Spanish and English class. After Bella recovered from her breakdown when Edward left, Mike was the first to engage her in a real conversation (NM6) and to “forgive [her] for being crazy” (NM7).  Not too long after that, he asked her out, but was turned down. (NM7)  Mike continued to hope for something more than a friendship; he went to a movie with Bella and Jacob but became ill with a 24-hour stomach bug (NM9). Mike was jealous of Jacob’s relationship with Bella (NM15) and when Edward returned in the middle of senior year, Mike’s friendship with Bella deteriorated (EC1). After they witnessed an altercation between Jacob and Edward, Mike initiated a wager with his friends on who would win in a fight; Mike bet on Jacob (EC3). Mike and Bella’s friendship held firm enough that he attended both Bella’s graduation party at the Cullens’ house (EC17) and her wedding (BD4). Mike renewed his on-again, off-again relationship with Jessica Stanley when he escorted her to an out-of-town concert shortly after graduation (EC20) and held hands in the receiving line after the wedding (BD4). Mike Newton was the man that “caught” the thrown garter at the reception (BD4) and Edward was irritated with Mike’s “improper thoughts about a married woman” (BD4) – Mike still held a torch for Bella Swan-Cullen.

Portrayed in the films by: Mike Welsh

Prepared by: Lady Di