Uley, Sam

Wolfpack Tattoo

Full Name: Sam Uley

Status: Quileute – Werewolf

Date of Birth: 1986 (TW6)

Originally from: La Push

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Brown

Height: Very tall

Physical description: In wolf form Sam has a coat of black – as tall as a horse but more muscular with dagger like incisors (NM10)

Occupation: Leader of the Quileute pack

Family members: Engaged to Emily (NM14), Josh Uley (father, deceased), Levi Uley (grandfather, deceased), Mrs. Uley (mother)

Hobbies: Protecting the Forks area

Personal history: Personal history: Sam Uley was the son of Josh Uley and the grandson of Levi Uley. Because of his Quileute heritage, he had the potential to become a werewolf and he was the first of the current generation to transform, because the Cullen vampire clan returned to live nearby in Forks, Washington. Sam was possibly one of the teenagers from the reservation that came to socialize with Mike Newton and his friends. He may have been the person to mention that the Cullens were unwelcome on Quileute land. (TW6 p. 121) Prior to his transformation, Sam was dating Leah Clearwater (EC4 p. 117) and was in line to receive a college scholarship (NM7).

When Sam first becomes a werewolf, he was traumatized because he had no idea what was happening to him; he thought he was going crazy. (EC4 p. 117) After vanishing for two weeks, Sam returned home, amidst many rumors. Old Quil Atera recognized Sam’s “symptoms” and notified the elders (Billy Black and Harry Clearwater), who secretly explained Sam’s condition. (EC4 p. 118) In the early days, Sam was bitter over his fate in life as a werewolf but learns to accept his role as protector and leader. (EC4 p. 114)
Sam imprinted on Leah’s cousin Emily Young. He accidentally scars Emily during an uncontrolled transformation and ironically, it is this tragedy that brings them together as a couple. (NM15) Sam regrets hurting Leah but cannot help but adore Emily. When Leah also became a werewolf, it caused tension in the pack because of Sam’s guilt over Leah and Leah’s continued love for Sam – for Sam, Leah was “the pathetic ex-girlfriend he can’t get away from” (BD12 p. 230).

When Sam had other pack members to keep him company, they worked together to keep the peace and maintain safe and healthy communities. Sam and his pack helped rid the Makah reservation of a troublemaker selling drugs to the local teens. (NM7 p. 173) Sam also helps his non-native neighbors; he is the one to find Bella in the woods when she is comatose after Edward leaves her. (NM3 p. 75) Sam even consents to helping the Cullens defeat Victoria and her army of newborn vampires. He brings his pack of werewolves (ten members at this time) to training sessions led by Jasper to learn how to best fight the extra-strong vampires, although they are uncomfortable being around these peaceful vampires. (EC18 p. 392)

Sam continues to feel uncomfortable about “the Cullen situation”. When Jacob decides to attend Bella’s wedding, Sam stays nearby to ensure Jacob is safe and nothing bad happens. Jacob learns that Bella plans on being intimate with Edward during their honeymoon and Sam intervenes before Jacob can phase and attack Edward. (BD4 p. 67) Sam respects the treaty between the Cullens and the Quileute pack, but is ready to attack if the situation calls for it. (BD8 p. 150, 161) Sam decides that Bella’s sickness and potential transformation does not warrant intervention, but when he learns that Bella is having a vampire-sired baby, he chooses to plan an attack. (BD10 p. 201) Sam worried about his pack’s survival and decided that he would fight Edward himself because he felt Edward would be the biggest threat. (BD10 p. 204) Jacob breaks away from the pack because his lineage meant that he was the true Alpha of the pack; Sam tried to use his alpha male powers to force Jacob to obey (BD11 p 209) but the attempt failed. Jacob, Seth and Leah become a new pack and Sam sends a group to discuss things with the new pack. Sam does not want a “family brawl” (BD13 p. 263) but with two alphas, the packs cannot merge into one.

When Renesmeee is born and Jacob imprints on her, Jacob goes to meet with Sam and explain the situation. Sam and Jacob renew the treaty with Carlisle. (BD23 p. 457) Sam and his pack continue to monitor their lands and Sam is the one to see Alice leaving across the ocean (B 29 p. 557). When the Volturi come to convict the Cullens of vampire crimes, Sam’s pack and Jacob’s pack (together now numbering sixteen members) come to defend Renesmee and her family. When Aro muses about werewolf guard dogs, it is only Sam’s command that halts the ferocious growls of objection. (BD36 p 700) Aro explains that Sam and the others are not true werewolves/Children of the Moon, but actually shape shifters, because shape shifters are genetically created and can come out during the day. (BD37 p 705).

Portrayed in the films by: Chaske Spencer

Prepared by: Lady Di