Yorkie, Eric

Full Name: Eric Yorkie (PC4)

Status: Human

Date of Birth: 1988

Originally from: Forks, WA

Hair color: black (PC4)

Eye color: brown (PC4)

Height: 6’3” (PC4)

Physical description: Hair that always looks greasy – poor complexion (PC4)

Occupation: Student at Forks High School (Graduated Valedictorian)

Family members:

Nick Names:


Personal history: Eric, “the geek” (PC4), was the first one to offer Bella any help at the school. (TW1)  He was in her English class with Mr. Mason. Eric was not a big fan of Mike Newton; he glared at him when Mike was near Bella (TW2) and threw a snowball at him (TW2). Eric may have considered Mike “competition” for Bella because Eric tried to ask Bella to the girls-choice spring dance. (TW4) Eric also asked out Jessica Stanley on a date (NM4). After Bella emerges from her “dark time” following Edward’s departure, she noticed that Eric was sitting with Katie Marshall, a redheaded junior. (EC6) Eric and Katie dated and enjoyed each other so much that they celebrated small milestones like their three-week anniversary (EC9). Eric was the valedictorian at the Forks graduation ceremony and the content and style of his speech did not impress Bella because he spoke too fast and uttered the usual platitudes (EC16).  Eric brought Katie as his date to the Forks party of the year at the Cullens’ house (EC17). His post-graduation plans were unknown.

Prepared by: Lady Di