Dwyer, Renee

Full Name: Renee Higginbotham Dwyer (PC4)

Status: Human

Date of Birth: 1968 (PC9)

Originally from: Phoenix, Arizona (TW1)

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown


Physical description: She looks like Bella, but with short hair and laugh lines (TW1)

Occupation: Substitute teacher (NM6)

Family members: Daughter Isabella Swan, Husband – Phil Dwyer, Ex-husband – Charlie Swan

Personal history: Renee and Charlie were not married for very long.  Their daughter, Bella, was born in September of 1987 and they were divorced by March of 1989.  She moved to Riverside, California until Bella was five years old, at which time she moved to Phoenix, Arizona where she still lives today (TL)

Around 2004, she met and fell in love with a minor league baseball player named Phil Dwyer whom she later married. (TL)  It was difficult for them to spend time together as he was always on the road and she had to stay home to be with Bella.  Bella opted to move in with her father, freeing up Renee to travel with her new husband. (TW2)

She is described as being the child in the relationship rather than the adult, in spite of her age.  She is a free spirit and often times forgetful.  (TW1)