Cheney, Ben

Full Name: Ben Cheney

Status: Human

Date of Birth: 1988

Originally from: unknown, most recent residence on Russell Avenue in Forks, WA

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Dark Brown

Height: 5’7″

Physical description: “Little” (TWEp) only 5′ 7″ and of Aisian descent (PC11) wore glasses (EC2)

Occupation: Student

Family members:

Car: Dodge Neon (PC11)

Nick Names:

Hobbies: Reading graphic novels, watching action movies with good special effects, and spending time with Angela Weber.

Personal history: Ben was one of the students that Bella had a hard time remembering his name.  He was there when the group went to LaPush for the day and helped gather fire wood.  (TW6)  We don’t hear much about him through out Twilight, but by the end he and Angela Webber are happily dancing together at the prom in spite of the fact that she is much taller than him. (TWEp)  Their relationship lasts over the summer and they regularly sit with Bella, Edward, and Alice at lunch their senior year. (NM1)  Even though Angela lives close enough to walk to school, Ben picks her up every day. (PC11)

Ben and Angela saw an oversized wolf when they were en route to a weekend picnic – Ben caught a stomach flu virus shortly thereafter (NM6). Angela came down with the flu later on and Ben called to cancel the group movie excursion, which left Bella to attend with Mike and Jacob. (NM9) When Edward returned from his self-imposed exile, Ben continued to be Bella’s friend along with Angela (EC1). Ben proved his loyalty to the pair when he had to be restrained by Mike from siding with Edward during the Edward-Jacob argument in front of Forks High School and Ben placed a $10 bet that in a fight Edward would defeat Jacob (EC3). Ben was a close friend of Austin Marks; they lived across the street from each other (NM5) and the two teen boys did lots of “guy stuff” together (EC6). Ben and Angela were both accepted to the University of Washington and planned to move to Seattle a few months after graduation (EC6). He attended the Cullens’ graduation party with Angela (EC17).

Prepared by: Lady Di